Face the Facts, Longwood.

When researching obesity statistics in America it is hard not to see anything but negativity reflected within them. The amount of facts and figures that I could include in this would be overpowering; so let us just stick to the basics. Obesity rates in Virginia are 25.9 percent in adults and 15.2 percent in children. It is inexcusable that one-fourth of our population is obese by adulthood, but the real question is what we can do to change this. As stated in an article found on the H.U.M.A.N. Healthy Vending Machine website, these machines are useful because they adhere to three of today’s strongest trends; health and nutrition, convenience, and digital advertising and technology. The U.S. Nutrition industry alone grew 11 percent in 2007! Health and nutrition today is like a party and everyone wants to get invited, making the use of these machines flourish. We also all know that American’s love convenience, which plays a large part into how we become such an obese country. Making these healthy options so easily obtainable is perfect way to challenge the convenience of healthy choices for Americans. Lastly, we all know that America centers itself on technology. Advertisements are booming and H.U.M.A.N. Healthy Vending Machines are not missing the bus. With all of these facts being thrown in our faces I feel that it is safe to say that we, as a university, NEED these machines. These machines won’t only benefit our health and feed into our convenience but they will start a trend that can be life changing for many Americans. But why should Longwood University start this trend of healthy living among its students? Articles show that we are not the only school with this great idea stepping forward. One article on United Marketing read, “Most students at colleges are crunched for time and turn to vending machines for a quick snack or soda. With that being said, the choices were somewhat limited and including a healthy snack vending machine or two would expand the offerings present at a college campus, or elsewhere. Other college campuses have responded as well, such as the University of Miami and Miami-Dade College, who also wish to bring healthy snack vending machines to their campuses.” I believe that it is safe to say that these vending machines will send Longwood nowhere but up and give this university another reason to be attended over others.






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