Vita Nuda “Join the Nude Revolution”

I never would have thought that something like nudism was becoming a “revolution”, but there are numerous websites devoted to the sole cause of taking it all off. The number one reason people say that they want to go nude is because it allows them to be who they were meant to be. Like mentioned in an earlier blog post,”material things lose their value”. For nudists, they believe when they’re naked people are seeing them for who they really are. We are all born naked and there is nothing wrong with staying that way. With all this being said, I had never thought about the economy that nudism is generating until visiting several of these nudist sites. I bet you didn’t realize that nudist colonies generate over $440 million dollars from member dues and “nakations” (naked vacations). In our environmental science class we discussed natural services that our environment provides, but can stimulate our economy, i.e. water. What if our economy could now be stimulated by something else natural?…the right to go nude. If you think about it, taking off your clothes doesn’t require a factory, workers, a threat to our natural resources…being nude is just being and that seems like a pretty good way to go.

One website I found very interesting was “Vita Nuda”, this website is devoted to a younger generation (ages 18-35) going nude. It is quite astonishing to see how many “chapters” of nudists can be found throughout the United States and internationally (there is currently one being organized in VA). Founded in 2007, the campaign’s motto is: “We believe that respect for yourself and your body is achieved, not by  hiding yourself away behind layers of clothing and distracting make up,  but by revealing the real you.” More information can be found by going to the website: as well as viewing this short video featured on MSN:


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