I chose history as my minor because I love history. History courses are almost as if you’re being told a story from many different point of views and that is so interesting to me. With all of the following relevant courses that I have taken so far, I believe they have shaped me into a little bit of an expert because they have gone in-depth into what history is and what happened around the world at different eras in time. The courses that I will take for the Fall semester to finish up my degree will help me achieve expertise in the field of history because I will have covered all of the relevant information throughout the years and also be learning about some things again as a refresher.

  • History 110: Modern Western Civilization
  • Political Science 150: American Government and Politics
  • Anthropology 101: Introduction to Anthropology
  • Geography 310: Thinking Geographically
  • History 221: US History Colonial-1877
  • History 370: Virginia Studies

Courses for Fall 2017:

  • History 120: World History to 1500
  • History 222: US History 1877-Modern Times
  • History 303: Civil War and Reconstruction
  • History 362: The Vietnam War

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