Archaeological Finds

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While the Grand Egyptian Museum is under construction until next year, archaeologists discovered a necropolis in the city of Minya. This necropolis is special because until now the only necropolises found were filled with animal remains, but this one was filled with human mummies. These human mummies were supposedly not royalty but they were high up in the rankings being that their tombs were quite glamorous. This discovery happened just before the discovery of a cartouche underneath a home. The owners of the house were trying to conduct an illegal excavation and were arrested leaving the house to be taken over by the police. They found the cartouche and it had King Nectanebo II’s name carved on it. The cartouche could have possibly been a shrine to the late king being that it had the king’s name on it. The city in which it was found, Abydos, is one of the most sacred and oldest cities in Egypt. The discovery of these finds will add many exhibits to the Grand Egyptian Museum and it will help bring in the large number of visitors that the museum is expecting. Since the decline in tourists in 2011 because of the political revolution the finds will create tourism within Egypt.

Attached is a video showing the necropolis finding!

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