Who am I?

Published September 30, 2018 by Anna Lucas

Hello and happy blogging! My name is Anna Lucas and I’m a first-year elementary school teacher in a public school setting. I hope that I am able to reach a variety of readers such as educators, fellow teachers, and employers.

We as Teachers NEED to Bring Students Back to LIFE

Published September 30, 2018 by Anna Lucas

Students are the future and as of now, they are lacking in creativity and hope in the education system. We as teachers have the ability to change all of this. Adding creativity and originality to class lesson plans can increase students participation and their overall interest and understanding in the course curriculum. We need to abandon the old ways of research papers and introduce the use of technology in the classroom, better yet EMBRACE TECHNOLOGY.

How Technology Can Help Utilize Student’s Potential

Published September 12, 2018 by Anna Lucas

The use of technology in the classroom can help students utilize their potential in a variety of ways. Technology allows students to be interactive during lessons with the use of classroom remotes to answer questions while teaching. This allows the teacher to see how the class is comprehending the content while at the same time it’s a creative way for students to become interactive. Allowing the use of technology allows students to have access to Powerpoint, images, videos, and other types of presentation, rather than the standard word document. It allows students to have options for assignments while letting them use their creativity and incorporate their personal identity into the assignment.

Using a Brochure as a Research Paper Alternative

Published August 29, 2018 by Anna Lucas

Over time students have grown tired and weary of writing continuous papers for their academics in the classroom setting. I’ve come to understand that students will throw words on a paper just to have something to turn in, rather than truly understanding the meaning of the paper. There is one alternative that has peaked the interest of my students as an alternative to doing a research paper. I introduced my students to the idea of creating a powerpoint presentation instead and they fell in love with the idea. They’re able to access their creativity and imagination with the use of color schemes, images, and transitions.¬†