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Pinterest: DIY & Crafts

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I decided after writing my blog last week on Pinterest to continue writing about this new and extremely popular form of social networking.  As of this month, Pinterest is rated 4 out of 15 in the top 15 most popular social networking sites.  I decided it would be fun and beneficial for you all to learn more about Pinterest, if by any chance you decide you want to join.

Pinterest, like I had said last week, finds your personal taste and forms to just that.  On the website there is a link at the top labeled categories and if you look further there are over 30 different categories for you to search through.  This week we will be looking at the DIY & Crafts category, which is my favorite of them all.

The DIY & Crafts category has an endless amount of ideas for all viewers to enjoy.  One that caught my eye from the beginning was the artsy projects.  The picture listed above is one that I knew I had to do but was concerned that mine wouldn’t turn out as good as the one that was posted.  I am happy to say that my melted crayon art came out just as good as the one on their website, which made me continue this frenzy.  The DIY & Crafts section really has a wide variety of ideas for their viewers including, but not limited to work out tips, classroom teaching ideas, planting tips, etc.

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This section on Pinterest has even inspired Pinterest Parties!  Now I have yet to attend a Pinterest Party but from what I have heard it is a huge success.  Pinterest Parties are based off of ideas that you have seen on Pinterest.  Many of the guests bring Pinterest inspired food, as well as a craft that all of the guests can make.  It was mind blowing when I first heard about this type of party but after hearing about it I can hardly wait to attend one with my friends.

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Pinterest is a great way for viewers to share ideas with one another.  Another project that I found on the DIY and Crafts page was how to create a glass bottle into a drinking glass.  The directions were easy enough to follow.  They instructed that I take string and wrap it around the glass bottle (at least 10 times) and to tie a knot in the string.  You then take the string and soak it in acetone and place it back on the glass bottle.  Carefully, (this should be done by an adult) you light the string with a lighter and once the string is on fire you turn the bottle so that the string stays lit.  Lastly, you dunk the bottle in a body of water (preferably a kitchen sink) and the glass will separate where the string was.  This project was fun for me to make and because of the easy instructions was successful.

The DIY and Crafts section on Pinterest is extremely popular.  It is full of neat and moderately priced projects that have termed the idea “Pinterest Party”.  Now that I have touched upon Pinterest in two different blogs I hope that you are able to find an interest in the website like I have!


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  1. Benjamin Shukrallah said:

    I’ve enjoyed learning more and more about pinterest. Sounds like their are really cool projects on the site. It’s good that they also include easy to use instructions as well.

    • Kayln Brown said:

      I’m glad you’ve enjoyed reading and learning more about Pinterest. I was hoping with this blog that I could go more in depth on the website so viewers could learn a little bit more.

  2. Daniel Roberts said:

    I can’t say I’m an addict to pinterest, but whenever I’m on there, I’m addicted for hours. When it comes to creativity I lack sometimes, but Pinterest peaks my interest when it comes to DIY. We should have a pinterest party. Just saying 🙂

    • Kayln Brown said:

      I am the same way. I’m not on Pinterest every single day but when I log on I will sit on there for hours on end. We definitely should(:

  3. Ashley Taylor said:

    I like how your posts are now getting more specific about the Pinterest website. It will make it easier for new users to familiarize themselves with the website.

    • Kayln Brown said:

      Thank you! I was hoping that writing a second blog on Pinterest would help new users become more familiar with the website!

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