Welcome to my Final Exam presentation!

Before we get started, I want to tell you some things about myself.

I was born and raised in Culpeper, Virginia which is about 2 hours north of Longwood University. My mom Jennifer is from Bay City, Michigan and my dad Jeff is from Culpeper. I have a younger brother Cody who is 2 years behind me.


All of my life I have been around the influence of sports. I have played softball, baseball, swimming, soccer, field hockey, and lacrosse competitively.

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To me, sports and injury prevention and rehabilitation have been a big factor in my life, because in order to play all those sports, I had to keep myself healthy all year round. Not only did I just play those sports, I excelled in every one. My father did not care what activity or sport my brother and I did, he just wanted us to do it WELL. With this mentality, I became a starter and a captain as an 8th grader for the high school JV field hockey and lacrosse teams. I made varsity for both sports in 9th grade and there isn’t a game to this day that I did not start.

For me, high school brought me great happiness and prosperity. My junior year was my most successful year of the four. I took multiple challenging AP classes, helped lead my field hockey team to the state championship tournament, became the first ever two sport all state athlete from my high school, and became close with my now boyfriend of two and a half years. Oh, and at the end of this grand academic year, I visited and chose the most wonderful place on earth- Longwood University!


Of all of those challenging AP classes that I took, I can’t say any of those were my toughest classes. Sports Medicine I and II with Coach J the athletic trainer were by far the one class I had to study and prepare for the most. This was NOT your average class. It involved hands on, which is one of the most unique classroom types and I would recommend to any student who has the chance to take it to do it. There was an application to get into the Sports Medicine I class, and I had to apply towards the end of my sophomore year. This was a VERY competitive application pool, because the athletic trainer only accepted 10 people into the program in order to keep the class size small to get more hands on experience. A part of the application was also having a 1 on 1 interview with Coach J. Needless to say, I was extremely nervous because this was something I was so passionate about and I knew that I just had to get in.

I got in and never looked back.

Here I am today, taking Kinesiology courses in order to be accepted into the Kinesiology Program at Longwood University. If I had the chance, I would be in the athletic training program, but I play Division I lacrosse here and do not have that kind of time I could make in high school for it. Kinesiology is my focus now. It is what I do, and what I will commit myself to.  As stated before, I have excelled in everything I have gotten myself into, and Kinesiology will not stray from that.