Intro to Exercise Science really gave me an idea that no matter what I want to do with life, I know that I want it to be in the exercise science field. Having a variety of speakers come in to talk about their jobs and lives was very helpful, because they all seemed very happy and successful in their respective careers. The math in the math quizzes were fairly simple to me, so that part of exercise science is looking good for me!

In this class, I learned that it is going to be a close knit program and that these are the students that I will be with for 3 more years. I learned how to plan out my next few years and learn how to really utilize my resources in order to benefit from them the most. I learned that it is so important to build your network so that you have connections everywhere if you ever need anything.

Lastly, I learned about so many jobs that people can have just to get satisfaction of helping others. From PTAs to Athletic Trainers, to Athletic Directors to Chiropractors, all of these jobs have helping others in common.

With a degree in Exercise Science from Longwood University, I will pursue a Masters of Athletic Training elsewhere, but having this particular Bachelor’s degree will give me an edge on other candidates because of the advanced classes that are available and the vigorous courses that provide a plethora of in depth information. I have been passionate about athletic training for years now, and here at Longwood I have the tools to prepare to enter a Master’s level athletic training program. I play Divison 1 lacrosse at Longwood, and completing the AT program in 4 years is tough with all of the required clinical hours. Getting accepted into the Exercise Science program is the best choice for me, and I will do the most with this degree.