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What is Exercise Science?

Exercise science is the study of how the human body moves and works and the physical activity that affects it.

Since the time of B.C., scientists and others have always had an idea of the important of living a healthy life style in order to prevent degenerative diseases and have a good mental health. As things became to pick up towards the end of the 19th century, people began to research the difference between the lives of sedentary people versus active ones. After the conclusion of the first World War, health reports of drafted men were released. The information was alarming regarding the fitness levels of the drafted soldiers. 1 out of 3 draftees were unfit for combat and had trouble prior to bootcamp. This began the movement of implementing physical education programs into public schools. In the 1940’s, ┬áDr. Thomas Cureton developed the first fitness tests for various bodily functions (cardiovascular, flexibility, and muscle endurance). A decade later, Dr. Ken Cooper was recognized as “The Father of the Modern Fitness Movement” who made exercise science more of a disease prevention rather than a disease treatment. While President John F Kennedy was in office, he promoted exercise science nationally. In 1954, the American College of Sports Medicine was founded in order to research exercise-related issues. There are more and more people that try to advocate for exercise science and promoting healthy lifestyles.

KINS 205

Intro to Exercise Science has been one of the best conducted classes I have experienced in my freshman year of college. Mrs. Atkinson is an amazing person and cares not only about you as a student, but you as a person. She pushes you to strive harder and really exposes who you are. With all of her connections and network, she is able to have so many speakers come in and really give students a look at choices of careers that they could possibly enter after getting accepted into the Kinesiology program at Longwood University and graduating.