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What’s going on with the” No Child Left Behind” act?

The ” No Child Left Behind” act went into effect in 2002 during Bush’s presidency. This act specifically effects what students are taught, the test they take, the training of the educators and the way the governments money is spent on education. There are many debates whether this congressional act has been successful for teachers and students or whether is it hurting them in the long run. I chose this specific social issue in education because I am currently studying to be an elementary school teacher and I have seen first hand, how this act have positively and negatively impacted students and teachers. I believe the public should be educated on how their child’s educator’s and education are being affected in society today. While writing this blog I hope to educate those who do not know a lot about the ” No child Left Behind” act and to get feedback from others on whether they think this act is helping or is a detriment to our children’s education today.


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