My Resume

For those interested, I have attached my ever growing resume here: 

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Letter to myself as a Senior

As a sophomore in college, I’ve already grown so much from a high school student. Looking back now, I can see that this part of my life is vital to my success and also my personality as an adult. This time is so critical, that I think everyone should write a letter to themselves just in the moment that we are in presently to look back on in the future. We can all use to see how much we have grown, prospered, changed (for the good or the bad) and also to identify our strengths and weaknesses. So without further rambling, I will show my letter to my future self in two years…


Dear Kaelyn,

I’m currently sitting at my desk at my grandfather’s house typing this on my mac as I sit in front of my scratch map, dreaming about places to go and see. I have so much uncertainty in my mind of how my future will go, as I don’t even know how the next week will turn out. But everything is OK 🙂 I’m currently thinking about applying to medical school, though the odds may be stacked against me. As a girl from a small town, I see it is hard to find unique things about me, knowing that I don’t have as many options as students in larger cities.

But who cares… I’m going to do my best and if that’s not good enough, then follow a different passion or track. No matter where you land on the map, just keep trying because you like school, and always do your best when it counts.

Lately, I’ve been struggling with who I actually want to be as I get older, but I think I’m realizing that you can’t just choose like that. It just kind of happens. Though the waiting may be exhausting, life is too short to rush anything. Just keep faith, and everything will work out.



Honor’s Courses

  1. Honor’s Leadership Course 202: Spring 2016

Through taking this course, I was able to learn about digital footprints, which stood out as unique and interesting to me. A digital footprint (basically 2 to 3 sentences that could be easily memorized to describe your motives and about your message that you will leave behind in your social media) is a really creative way to show yourself in a couple sentences. Mine is as follows.

My digital footprint 2016

My digital footprint 2016

2. Introduction to Ethics: 2016

This class helped me to form an argument and form the argument against it. This was really helpful, as one of my first argumentative classes where I actually had to take a stand rather than memorize or learn a process. I believe classes like this are helpful to well round me in my education, even if I don’t use these skills everyday as a science major.

My final ethics presentation

My final ethics presentation

Community Artifacts

Gen Ed Goal 1: Longwood Seminar

I chose this photo below to sum up the introduction to Longwood course, because we were given funny assignments that made us reach out to other parts of campus that we hadn’t before known of. We also met some friends along the way…

LSEM Fall Spring 2015

LSEM Fall Spring 2015

Gen Ed Goal 2: Writing and Research

This was the first course where I learned to write a paper with correct formatting with an intro and conclusion with main points. As one of the most beneficial classes, I found this to be very informational and necessary to thrive in college. I have below attached an example of a paper that I wrote about…


Gen Ed Goal 3:

Gen Ed Goal 4:

Gen Ed Goal 5: Waved for chemistry majors

Gen Ed Goal 6: Waved for chemistry majors

Gen Ed Goal 7:

Gen Ed Goal 8: Contemporary Society

For this goal, I took Psychology 101 which was a wonderful introduction to Longwood University. I found many friends from this course, along with an A that really boosted my confidence in transferring to Longwood.


Gen Ed Goal: 9

Gen Ed Goal 10: Foreign Language

For this goal, I took Spanish 201. For a girl that loves to learn language, I found this course to be super fun and loved when our class took a trip to Washington D.C.!




Service that is important to me…


Scholarship means to me…