My view on the lines

Hello. My name is Jenny Silva. I have lived in Williamsburg for the entirety of my life, only moving to farmville to live on campus in August. Growing up in Williamsburg, I was quite accustomed to class trips to Colonial Williamsburg to take a walk down Duke of Gloucester Street (affectionately named DoG Street by the locals), a day visit to Jamestown Settlement, and even the random trips to Yorktown. I grew up with all of this beautiful history around me, and came to really appreciate how intact it has been kept throughout my 20 years living there, and the efforts contributed before that. So much so that a favorite pastime of mine is taking a weekend stroll up and down DoG street, and then getting some ice cream at the Baskin Robbins the next street over.

When i first heard about the power lines and the James River, i merely brushed it off. After all, i hadn’t been to Jamestown in a few years, and i didn’t really see what the big deal was. However, when we were searching for social issues for Engl 400, my dad reminded me of the potential problem. It got me thinking:  What would the environmental problems be if these were indeed installed? What cost is it to us, as taxpayers in the area? How would these power lines affect our local economy? The Historic Triangle (i.e. Colonial Williamsburg, Yorktown and Jamestown areas) relies heavily on tourism for our economy. Who would want to see the James River, in all its historic, beautiful glory, have 250 ft tall power lines crossing it in the heart of where America got it’s start? Its such a hot topic amongst conservationalists that the River itself has made an Endangered list, and that, in itself, should tell us why these lines are a problem.


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