Jamestown Settlement

On September 22nd, 2013, i took a visit to one of the two separate parks at Jamestown, one being on the Island (where Jamestown was actually built) and the other closer to the local Ferry. The latter is the one i went to, as it is free for locals to stroll through. Its also the smaller section, the other featuring the historic Church and the large Museum, along with a seaside cafe and plenty of space to run around. So, i hope you enjoy my quick snapshots of the history, and perhaps decide for yourself whether or not you’d like to visit!


~This is the first site you get to see as you’re walking up to the entrance of Jamestown. Its a pathway that is lined on either side with the 50 current state flags. Luckily, the day was a bit breezy, so i caught them in a good shot.


~There are two ways to get to the docks at the end of this historical walk. One is the Indian Village, which features several huts resembling those of the Indians many years ago. Both children and adults can enjoy looking around inside these single room wonders filled with furs, tools, and more.

~The other is through the Settlement, and is home to several differently designed buildings, such as a blacksmith, a church, and a typical English settler’s home. Most of these can be looked at freely, with several volunteers in colonial garb offering the visitors insight on the history of the Settlement.


~ If you make it to the end of this portion of Jamestown, about a 5 minute walk either way, you are greeted with the three replicas of the original ships to land here back in 1607: The Susan Constant, the Discovery, and the Godspeed. the Park lets you explore both the upper and lower decks of each of these beautiful boats.


¬†And finally, you will reach the end of your journey, on the docks, and see a beautiful sight to behold; The James river in all it’s glory. This gorgeous sight will be ruined by the presence of power lines, which would be visible between the two shorelines featured in this image, were they to be built.

All photos are taken by me, on my cell phone. Please do not use any of these without permission, thank you!

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