Conclusion to Overpopulation

On March 30, 2012, in English 400, by Bryan Johnson

Perhaps if solutions like the one child policy or birth control and others were applied to India and the World the population growth would slow, giving us more control of our own destiny. However, as of now we have yet to see these changes or any change for that matter to slow a growing problem that is a large undisputed problem for all of mankind. Only with the effort of many people can we reduce the population growth and continue to live the lives we currently have. If we continue to have such a high population growth rate we will struggle to support the billions of people on this planet. This will cause famine and conflict and will limit the resources for future generations. We will destroy the earth rather than preserving it which is our duty since we inhabit the earth.

                By implementing birth control it would directly limit the birth rate in countries that have extremely high growth rates and would ultimately slow the population growth. By informing young adults of the consequences of sex including pregnancy and STD’s hopefully it will limit the amount of young unplanned pregnancies. By searching for better ways to use our resources more effectively more people could live on less resources. Providing that we do become extremely overpopulated (which is where we are headed right now) by allowing less resources to be spent on each person we can spread resources out making each resource more effective than it would have been. If these efforts fail it is always possible to implement China’s One Child Policy in other developing countries like India to prevent the population growth rate from rising to high. Although this is a drastic measure precautions need to be taken to make sure our earth does not exceed its limitations. In India this could be justified by the use of dharma in their religion which states they must put the world’s needs before their own. If these solutions were implemented it would help cut down an increasing problem that concerns not small groups of people but everyone that inhabit the earth


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