Hand-Washing Reminders, Are they Helpful or a Nescience?

Everyone has seen simple Hand-Washing reminders in local bathrooms, restaurants, hospitals, and maybe even at your own work. But are these helpful reminders or a nescience? Many studies have been done to see if these signs have been deemed effective. In a study done in 2008, Press &Journal discovered that it is a success! The site that they chose to use as a subject used the method of, “Anyone who walked in or out of a ward activated a battery-powered unit that issued a gentle reminder to wash their hands.” (Press & Journal, 2008) After these signs were posted throughout the hospitals, more doctors and nurses remembered to wash their hands as well as the mode of transportation for bacteria was decreased.

So many germs and diseases float around on hospital floors and it’s important to protect our patients as well as the nursing staff. Press &Journal (2008) stated, “Good hand hygiene is recognized as the key to reducing hospital-acquired infections such as diarrhea and vomiting, and more serious germs such as MRSA.” In other studies done through other hospitals with similar outbreaks concluded, “Due to recent outbreaks of norovirus in hospitals across Wales, the Carmarthen hospital has implemented a strict hand-hygiene policy to help prevent staff and patients becoming infected with the virus.” (Sinclair, 2009) Both of these studies confirmed that strict hand-washing was applied to that unit and less bacteria was spread like MRSA and norovirus and decreased hospital acquired infections.

As you can see in these two studies, all hospital  encounter the same problems of outbreaks with different strands of bacteria, but the helpful reminders to wash your hands was deemed to be a success. Sometimes we as nurses are running around the floor trying to make sure that everyone is comfortable and helpful reminders can be enforcements to make sure we are killing germs between patients’ rooms as well as infecting ourselves.

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