About Me

I have known since second grade that I wanted to become a teacher. I always found myself playing school during the summer or even when I got home from school in the afternoon. I place the blame for being a teacher on my second grade teacher. She has been an inspiration for me since the moment I met her. After my transfer from community college to Longwood, I continued my dream of being a teacher. While in community college, I worked part time as a substitute teacher and still do when I am not in school.

Most days I love being a sub. I love walking in a classroom and seeing the kid’s excitement when they notice that I am their teacher for the day. However, there have been times were I wasn’t so fond of my part time job based on the age group I was dealing with. Middle school students are tough to work with. They seem to think they know it all, and are above authority. Even though some days can be challenging, I look at it as great experience for my future.

As far as my work philosophy, I believe that hard work does pay off. I have worked hard as a sub to show that I can control a large group of students no matter what age. Even though I am young, compared to most substitutes, I am able to be stern with the students and let them know that I don’t tolerate disrespect. I hold faith that because of all of my hard work and dedication with Middlesex schools, they will hire me out of college without a license. Not having a licence to teach will not outweigh my experience already in the classroom.



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