Social Alienation

It seems like there are so many types of bullying it is hard to keep up with. It is important to be able to identify all of the different types of bullying in order to help find solutions for these issues. Social alienation is yet again another type of bullying. Social alienation can include spreading rumors, publicly humiliating, and gossiping, social rejection, threat of exclusion from peer group, isolation, and ethnic slurs. These different types of bullying indeed overlap with one another, but they each have their own certain characteristics.

Social alienation most likely happens at school during recess or lunch. Alienation can be a very lethal form of bullying. This type of bullying can lead to poor body image, low self esteem, and depression. Each type of bullying can lead to negative outcomes for the victim. Girls are more likely to partake in social alienation. Girls are the ones who gossip more and spread rumors to hurt other people. This can be traumatizing to the victim, who is usually a female. According to, “A group of girls may decide to deliberately shun another girl from the group because they are mad at her or find it funny to hurt another person simply because they are different.” Guys typically do not have the emotions that girls do, which is why guys usually stick to direct or physical bullying.

It is important for parents to be aware of how their child is behaving. A sign of bullying would be a sudden change in behavior, such as being rude or acting maliciously. One way to stop bullying before it starts is for parents to talk to their child about the harmful outcomes of bullying. Also, building a child’s self esteem can go a long way. Positive encouragement can help prevent bullying. Usually people who bully are the ones with low self esteem and are the ones who are unhappy.



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