Verbal Bullying

I’m sure many people have had something mean said to them before, or they have maybe said something mean to someone else. This can lead to verbal bullying, if taken too far.

Most people may think of physical bullying as the most damaging type of bullying to a person; however, verbal bullying can be just as harmful as physical bullying, if not worse. According to Fraser-Thrill, verbal bullying is when someone uses language to gain power over his or her peers. The bully may use insults or teasing to get his or her point across.

Although the effects of verbal bullying are not physical, the psychological and emotion damage can be extremely dangerous. Poor self image is one affect that verbal bullying can have on a victim. This type of bullying can lead to low self esteem, as well as depression and other problems. In some cases, victims of verbal bullying can result to substance abuse to help cope with the problems, or even suicide. People do not realize that words can sometimes be as powerful as actions.

If you or someone you know is suffering from being verbally bullied, there are some steps that can be taken to help the situation. First of all, ignoring the bully can be really hard to do, but it can be effective in a way that will let the bully know that you are not giving them a reaction that he/she wants. This may cause the bully to pick on someone else. Another strategy that can be implemented is to tell an authority figure or an adult. For example, if you make a teacher aware of the situation then he/she can keep an eye on the bully to see if he/she can catch them in action. One last example of how you can cope with verbal bullies is focusing on your friends. If you surround yourself with positive people, verbal bullying will be less likely to get you down. It is imperative that you have a great support network. One specific way of preventing verbal bullies is to set a good example at home. Usually, children pick up on how his/her parents interact with each other.

Girls are generally more likely to be involved with verbal bullying, rather than boys. Girls tend to be more delicate and emotional than boys are. Social exclusion is a big factor with girls. It seems to be important to be able to fit in or be in the cool crowd at school. Verbal bullies can name call and be very mean and rude to other individuals.

If you or someone you know is being a bully or a victim of verbal bullying, hopefully this post has given you some insights about how to handle the situation a little bit better. Verbal bullying is not to be taken lightly and can be truly devastating on people being affected by this nonsense.


** I thought this was a great TV commercial to spread the word about verbal bullying! – check it out!!







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