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                                                        (Data Analysis Project Images) Population of Children in Public and Private Schools Data Set


(Data Analysis Project Images) Level of Earnings Based on Educational      Attainment Data Set


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Categories of Disciplines

I created my mind map on two disciplines within social sciences—psychology and sociology, and one discipline in the humanities—religion. I decided to discuss psychology because it is my minor, and sociology and religion because they are disciplines in which I have taken at least one course.
        The three disciplines in my mind map all are similar because their methods include research, but differ in the way in which their research is done. Psychology methods of research has “levels of constraint” which include methods such as case study research and experimental research. Sociology methodologists are separated into quantitative and qualitative specialties; qualitative research methods “study people in their natural setting…”. Religious studies can encompass religious phenomena, actions, groups, and ideas, therefore their research methods are not confined to one discipline, instead, researchers use a variety of research methods.
         Psychology and sociology are similar because psychology studies the human mind and its functions and sociology studies the functioning of human society. One insight into their relationship is how the mind’s thoughts impact how a person functions in society. The way that I see it, how people interact with religion can be determined based off of their own mind’s thoughts (psychology) and human society (sociology).
        Before writing this, I was unsure as to how I would find a connection between psychology and sociology with religion. Though as it turns out, it was easier for me to connect them and harder for me to contrast them from one another.