As previously mentioned within my blog, my ultimate career goal is to become a counselor for children, specifically a guidance counselor. Having an extensive knowledge of the discipline of psychology plays an important role in counseling, which is why I chose to pursue a minor in this field of course work. Having a previous knowledge of psychology will be beneficial to me during graduate school and also during my time being a counselor.

Through taking Introduction to Psychology, I was able to learn about a general overview of psychology through theories, methods, and applications of the subject. Before attending Longwood University, I not only took the PSYC 101 course, but also the PSYC 102 course as well. It was very beneficial that at Richard Bland, I was able to take two semesters worth of time to become an expert on general psychology information.

Infant and Child Development was able to help me to develop expert skills because of its’ focus on the changes that take place from the time of prenatal development to childhood. When I become a counselor, I will be able to use the expert knowledge that I have learned about the biological, cognitive, social, emotional, and behavioral changes that effect humans throughout their years of childhood development.

Abnormal Psychology was a helpful course in developing my expertise because it was an insight into abnormal behaviors and mental disorders. With this course, I have gained experience and become able to define disorders by their symptoms. I have also gained experience in learning the classifications of, causes and courses of treatment for mental disorders as well.

By taking Theories of Personality, I was able to become an expert on the major theories of personality that are laid out by the psychology discipline. This course is beneficial to my expertise because of its’ in depth examination of personality theories that include analytical, cognitive, and behavioral theories.

While I have not yet taken Psychopathology of Childhood and Adolescence or Social Psychology, both of these courses will be beneficial as I continue to expand my level of expertise on the discipline of psychology. Psychopathology of Childhood and Adolescence, much like Abnormal Psychology, is an insight into abnormal behaviors and mental disorders, but in children and adolescents. This course will be extremely beneficial to my expertise because I am planning on being a counselor for children. Social psychology will be beneficial as it will teach me the relationship between individual behavior and social situations and how they are able to influence one another.


Psychology Minor Classes—

  • **Introduction to Psychology– PSYC 201**
  • Developmental Area
    • Infant and Child Development– PSYC 371
  • Industrial/Organizational/Social Area
    • *Social Psychology– PSYC 331*
  • Pre-Clinical/Counseling Area
    • Abnormal Psychology– PSYC 356
  • Psychology Electives
    • *Psychopathology of Childhood and Adolescence– PSYC 357*
    • Theories of Personality– PSYC 423


*These are classes that I will be enrolled in during the Spring 2018 semester.

**This is a class that I took at Richard Bland Community College, before transferring to Longwood University.