First Post!

Middle Schoolers Connect With History Every Day With The Times

When I was searching for a topic to write my blog post on, this article was not what I was expecting to come across, but was one that I was pleasantly surprised to find. As technology is rapidly increasing in our society, ‘hard copies’ of things such as books or news papers seem as though they are becoming less popular. Besides the fact that I prefer ‘hard copies’, there are some things that, as a Liberal Studies major, that I found within this article that interest me.

In terms of academics, reading is something that I find to be important and love to do as well. History and current events are also two things that are important to me.  By exposing her students to The New York Times, Joni-Jean Crivello is giving children a reason to become avid readers. Having her students read and discuss the paper on a daily basis is a wonderful way to keep her students informed and understanding of what is going on in the world around them. While the newspaper could be considered something ‘grown up’, being able to take the time to read and discuss articles in the paper, is a way for students to gain senses of both maturity and responsibility.