Meet a few faces from the Class of 2019

As looming rain showers gave way to afternoon sun, the newest Lancers lugged suitcases, refrigerators, posters and boxes of their favorite snacks up flights of...
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Binta Barry

Theatre major’s tenacity lands her top internship

Binta Barry knew what she wanted to do this summer, and she didn’t let a little thing like rejection stand in her way. Barry ’17,...
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Psychologist hopes to aid counterinsurgency efforts with social psychology manual

Dr. Sarai Blincoe wants to provide soldiers with what she believes to be the most effective weapon in contemporary warfare: not an M-16 but the...
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Catherine Franssen to begin blogging for Huffington Post

Dr. Catherine Franssen, assistant professor of psychology, has accepted an invitation from the Huffington Post, a top-30 website in the United States in terms of...
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Emergency communication upgrade: Desktop notification install

In our ongoing efforts to enhance our emergency communications, we are installing a desktop notification system called Alertus on all on-campus Longwood computers. Several other...
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Researchers ask why birds feel the need for speed

Flight is the most energy-expensive form of locomotion, so wild birds usually conserve energy by flying at moderate speeds. To avoid predators when looking for...
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April 26, 1845 - Letter

Robert E. Lee letters found in Greenwood Library archives

Tucked away at the bottom of a pile of nondescript letters in an archival box in the basement of Greenwood Library was a hidden treasure:...
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Longwood student researcher explores ripple effect of teaching

Education is often like a pyramid: layers built upon layers, and the firmer the foundation, the more solid the whole structure. When one layer is...
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Entrepreneurial spirit takes a different turn with Longwood professor

Dr. Sean Ruday has all the makings of an entrepreneur, with one notable exception—he’s more interested in generating ideas than profits. His latest niche venture?...
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Chrischel Rolack

Moton story has profound effect on first scholarship recipient

Like many first-time visitors to the R.R. Moton Museum, Chrischel Rolack was profoundly moved by the story held within its walls when she walked into...
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