Securing the Human Training… Don’t wait until the last second!


Longwood’s Information Security Office offers SANS Securing the Human training annually to ensure users are informed and aware of their individual security responsibilities.  The information provided will benefit users personally and professionally, covering topics such as malware (viruses, spyware, etc.), spam, phishing, identity theft and regulations such as FERPA and PCI-DSS.

This training is flexible and available year-round, so as not to interfere with registration, grading, housing signups and other recurring and time-sensitive processes.

The October 31 training due date is predictable and repeated annually, so that we can tie additional Security Awareness messages into our reminder notices during the National Cyber Security Awareness Month of October.

This training is also modular, meaning progress is recorded with the completion of each 2-6 minute module. With a running total of approximately 50 mins of audio/visual material available in the 15 core modules, users who do not have 1 hour to dedicate to completing the training (which includes Longwood policy acknowledgement and a single quiz question) in a single sitting, can easily break out the training into smaller manageable chunks.

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