Banana Chip

Traditional dried food dates back to the Mesopotamian period. Traditional dried fruits are types of dried fruits that are either sun-dried or dehydrated in wind tunnels. Dried fruits are stable foods and there is no known incident of a food-borne illness related to dried fruit.
Banana chips are deep-fried, dried slices of banana that are coated in sugar or honey. They are pale yellow, round slices and are often sold in bulk and eaten as snacks or sometimes used in baking. The chips are crispy, flavorful and sweet and are quite high in calories and fat. Extra banana flavoring is typically added to the chips, enriching the flavor.
Banana chips can are made in a food dehydrator – eliminating the high fat content. No oil or deep-frying is necessary in the process of making the chips. The crispy texture is typically lost using the food dehydrator and the chips may be tough and look brown. “Some people dry banana slices into chips by baking them in a regular oven, but the flavor may be lost in the oven-drying method.”
Nutrition Facts: A portion of 3 ounces (85 g) of banana chips has 441 calories and 29 grams of fat.
You can enjoy banana chips in trail mix, on ice cream, dipped in chocolate, or plain as a snack. Because of their high fat content, remember to enjoy banana chips in moderation.


Before I left for our trip to India, I was overwhelmed with feelings of nervousness. I can remember double and triple checking that my locks worked for my suitcases. I was constantly warned to lock up my stuff and to be wary of people on the streets because they’ll try to steal my stuff. So I was prepared for that. I was not, however, prepared for the moment that all my preconceived notions of India were wiped clean.

Walking through the markets and streets, I was greeted by “Hello! How are you?” I never once felt unsafe. I felt as if I were in a (much dirtier) market in America. Almost all of the Indian people I came into contact with were friendly and more than willing to have their photo taken and chat with me. I felt safe.

There is so much to see in India. In my photos I captured moments or observed things that could’ve been easily missed if I hadn’t been searching for them. India is a magical, beautiful place full of moments to be experienced and captured, people to talk to, and historical sites to visit.

No one should be too afraid to travel to a place that seems drastically different from where they’re from. I think some people are afraid of different even though it’s something that should be celebrated. It’s incredibly important to travel, meet new people who are on different paths, and learn about other cultures. I was nervous to travel to India because it’s so different from everywhere I’ve been, but looking back, I was nervous for no reason. I had one of the best and most eye-opening experiences in my life and I strongly recommend study abroad classes.

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