Teacher Starter Kit: Email Home and Class Expectations

Email Home:

Dear Parents/Guardian,

I will be your student’s English teacher for the upcoming school year! I wanted to send a quick e-mail to introduce myself, as well as provide you with my contact information. The best way to reach me would be,

  • school email: (email)
  • school phone: (phone number)

I check my email repeatedly throughout the day. Although, please understand that during school hours my attention will be on my students, but I will get back to you within 24 hours. Please feel free to contact me with any concerns, questions, or suggestions you may have. It is important to me that we keep open communication for the benefit of your bright, young student. I’m excited to get to know your child, and work with you and them throughout the year!

My best,

Ms. Lauren Hyatt


1. Class rules

  • Respect the opinions of others and treat them with kindness
  • Strive to do your absolute best

2.  Teacher rules

  • Be patient and give instruction with a strong voice
  • Be engaged in the lives of your students

One thought on “Teacher Starter Kit: Email Home and Class Expectations

  1. Megan Southworth

    I will definitely be adding your first rule for yourself to my rules! It’s so important to remind yourself to be patient and a strong teacher voice is something I am always working on too.

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