Further Discussion

Here you will find articles, editorials, and other discussions of the humanities — we believe these pages will provide a context for our discussions and work this year at Longwood.

Gary Gutting, “The Real Humanities Crisis”

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For a provocative view of the humanities crisis, and a potential model for Longwood and other universities, check out Gary Gutting’s opinion piece in the New York Times on the Real Humanities Crisis.

Humanities Report Card

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Want to see how humanities students fare in the world?  Check out this report card!

Mark Edmundson, “Why Major in the Humanities? Not Just for a Good Job — For a Good Life.”

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If you have asked this question, then you want to read Mark Edmundson’s article, which presents a strong defense of the benefits that accrue from a humanities major.

Mark Edmundson, “The Ideal English Major”

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What do we think of when we picture the ideal English major?  Mark Edmundson’s article offers us one compelling vision of this student!