A Reflection of My Elementary School Years

Reflecting on my Elementary School Days

This paper was written for my Education 245 class, Human Growth and Development. My professor assigned this paper as a reflection of our elementary school years thinking back on our cognitive abilities during those times. We were to discuss our favorite subjects and our least favorite subjects and the grades we received in those subjects. We then were to discuss if there was a correlation between those grades and the subjects, adding in personal memories from that specific class.

My writing process for this paper was different from my writing process for my English 150 papers because with this paper I jumped right into the memories I had from my 3rd grade year. Once I had those memories, I then outlined my essay using those specific times. While I do outlines for all papers I write, I did not start with my thesis then go through my points as I do for English. I found my points first then built my essay around those memories. Because this was a self reflection, I had no difficulty determining the direction of my paper. 



During elementary school around the age of 7 or 8, my cognitive abilities were sky-rocketing. I was able to count money, tell time, name the months and days of the year in order, and understand fractions and the concept of space. I was able to read a book on my own time and enjoy it.

While in the 3rd grade, I loved math. I loved math not only because I liked the way my teacher taught it and the activities that we did which included counting fake money, using Popsicle sticks, and math mats. I loved math because I understood it and was good at it. My teacher would ask me to demonstrate or help other students around me who were having a hard time with certain activities. Knowing that she looked to me to help explain content made me feel important and special which in turn made me try harder and keep up with the material.

A subject that I did not enjoy was social studies. I had a difficult time with remember certain dates or big events and that in turn made me dislike the subject. I still had the same teacher for this subject so it was nothing against Mrs. Hubshman. I just struggled with social studies. I still received good grades, but it did not come to me as easily as other subjects did.

Another part of a subject that I did not enjoy was reading aloud to the class. We always did a reading circle and each student was required to read a page or passage. When it would be my turn, I would get extremely nervous that the other students would laugh at me if I messed up a word. Mrs. Hubshman would send me home with extra books to read aloud to my family for extra practice. When she expressed interest in helping me succeed, it made little 8 year old Cecelia excited that someone was so invested in my education besides my parents.

I do believe that there is a correlation between the grades of subjects we enjoy and those that we do not enjoy. Personally, if something interests me, then I will be more likely to pursue it to the best of my ability because I am good at it. However, if I am not as strong in a subject, then it will become more difficult for me because I associate that subject with failure.  Therefore, my favorite subjects have always held higher grades than those subjects that were not as interesting to me.

While teaching math, Mrs. Hubshman would ask questions and ask for volunteers to explain how to complete a problem. I would always volunteer and would even help my classmates who did not understand the lesson. Mrs. Hubshman recognized my enthusiasm for helping others and this was her way of allowing me to do so. She also recognized where my struggles were and gave me options and ways to become stronger in those fields.

Having a teacher that cared so much about our experience in her classroom made the world of a difference for our year. During that year, I would wake up every morning excited to go to school. On days I was sick, I would cry because I was missing school. My mom would go to the school to pick up my work because I would beg her to do so. I did not want to miss anything!

When I am a teacher, I will remember all the things Mrs. Hubshman did for our class and for the students individually to make our 3rd grade year as successful as possible. I want to be a teacher that inspires her students to come to school every day and be the best that they can be, just like Mrs. Hubshman did for me. If I can do that for my students, I will be able to consider myself a successful teacher.


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