Work Samples

Attached below are three different samples of my work, showing the breadth of my document-producing skills.


This infographic of the HIV/AIDS epidemic includes a brief description of the disease, symptoms, data visualizations of global death rates, how it ties into interdisciplinary studies, and ways we can help prevent the spread of it. This assignment was required by my Liberal Studies 300 class to test our infographic design abilities.


This next sample is a short recommendation report, addressed to the designer of the American Psychological Association’s website. The memo includes descriptions of design flaws and suggestions on improving the site’s appearance and conciseness. The report was assigned in my technical writing class, English 319.


The last document provided is a brochure, aiming to educate the public on matters concerning mental health as well as discrediting the stigma attached to psychological disorders. The brochure not only offers statistics and possible warning signs of mental health imbalances, but also services for individuals to seek professional care. This brochure supplements a website that my project team developed for a “common good project” assigned in my English 400 class.