About Me

My name is Haley Klepatzki and I am a sophomore at Longwood University. I am majoring in English and considering declaring a minor in rhetoric and professional writing. I have always been passionate about writing and enjoy working on technical documents like the ones produced in this class. While I have not done much with my major at this point, I have high hopes of having my work recognized. I am hardworking, creative, and a team player willing to work on projects with my peers.


This portfolio will contain the four major projects completed in this technical writing course. A proposal, instructional manual, usability test, and white paper. Each of these projects has helped me achieve the course goals for this class. The course goals are:

  • Recognize and analyze effective (and ineffective) technical communication
  • Create documents that clearly convey complex, technical information targeted audiences and demonstrate effective rhetorical use of visual and verbal elements
  • Develop oral communication skills through informal and formal presentations
  • Participate productively in class activities, presentations, and discussions

Each page on this online portfolio will contain one of the four projects and include an argument on how creating these documents fulfilled the course goals listed above.

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