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Counselor Education

One of this week’s graduate program spotlights focuses on the Counselor Education program! This program offers three different tracks: college counseling and student affairs, mental health counseling, and school counseling. Each track is a 60-hour program comprised of 30 credit hours of core courses and 3o credit hours of track-specific courses.

This program is offered year-round and includes full-time and part-time options. Students in all tracks receive adequate training on how to assist clients with self-discovery, personal growth, and how to make healthy lifestyle choices. The program culminates in a 100-hour practicum and 600-hour internship in a field of study aligned with student’s specified tracks.

To learn more, visit


Ann Snyder Simmons Fellowship

The Ann Snyder Simmons fellowship was established by Ann Snyder Simmons (class of 1960) and her husband, Howell Simmons. The purpose of this fellowship is to recognize an outstanding graduate student who has complete his or her baccalaureate degree, has teaching experience, and intends to obtain the Master of Education in Reading, Literacy and Learning degree program at Longwood.

The 2017-2018 recipients of the Ann Snyder Simmons fellowship are:

Ms. Catherine Ciucci

Ms. Ciucci has consistently caught the attention of all her professors in the RLL program, who are continually impressed by her dedication to learning more as a teacher and literacy professional. There is no doubt Ms. Ciucci will be a gift to her students, families, colleagues, and the field of education.

Kate Hundley

Ms. Hundley has a passion for igniting a love of literacy in others and her professors believe she has the drive, knowledge, and determination to find the right book for every learner she has a chance to work with. She is a top performer in all of her classes and will continue to do great things for learners and colleagues she works with in the future.

Jen Elliott

Ms. Elliott’s secondary experience in literacy has inspired her to be one of the most passionate champions for literacy the RLL program has ever seen. Ms. Elliott is dedicated to providing literacy information and resources to all families. Her contributions to the field continue to make Longwood and RLL proud.


CGPS Handing out Candy

Yesterday, two graduate assistants for the College of Graduate and Professional Studies, Jessica Morris and Rachel Pegelow, passed out candy on Brock Commons to the undergraduate students.

The reason? To get the word out about Longwood’s graduate programs and plant the seed of considering graduate school when the time comes for those students.

In true Longwood fashion, though it was cold, the students who stopped to take some candy also stopped to talk about what we were promoting and many seemed genuinely interested in the graduate programs.

Many students are not aware of the number and type of graduate programs Longwood has to offer. Jessica and Rachel handed out informational flyers about CGPS, and candy, to all passerby’s that day and are hopeful to have given some students a reason to consider graduate school.


CSD Student on Externship

Today’s spotlight is on graduate student Kristen Taylor! She is a 2nd year graduate student in the CSD program. As a 2nd year student she is currently working at her medical externship placement this Fall, at Parham Doctors’ Hospital in Richmond, Virginia.

She has been working with a variety of patients including those with, Aphasia, Dysarthria, brain injuries, Parkinson’s disease, articulation deficits, and her favorite, swallowing deficits.


Kristen:           At Parham Doctors’ Hospital I have had the pleasure of conducting Modified Barium Swallow Studies, working as part of an interprofessional team  (among physical therapists, occupational therapists, and doctors) and evaluating, diagnosing, and treating a wide variety of disorders.


What has been the most challenging aspect of the externship?

Kristen:          I would have to say the most challenging aspect of my externship is discharging my clients. Over the course of intervention it’s easy to become your client’s friend. When it’s time for the client to be discharged, it’s hard to see them leave.


What has been the best part of the externship?

Kristen:           So far, the best part of my externing experience at Parham Doctors’ Hospital has been conducting Modified Barium Swallow Studies. It’s a wonderful feeling to know that I have obtained the appropriate knowledge to identify a swallowing deficit on the spot and further treat those deficits.


And anything else you want to add?

Kristen:           I am thankful that Longwood is such a close-knit community, as my professors have each gotten to know me, my personality, and my passion behind helping others. It’s because of those bonds that Longwood has helped me form that have placed me at an external site that is PERFECT for me. ​


Good luck to Kristen and the rest of the CSD graduate students on their externships this Fall!


Coffee. Cookies. Death.

This month, Longwood’s Department of Education and Special Education, Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS), Chi Sigma Iota, and Centra Hospice are sponsoring a Death Cafe on November 18th. The Death Cafe is a worldwide movement dedicated to bringing discussion of death into a relaxed environment. The Death Cafe is a group-directed discussion of death with no agenda, objectives, or themes. It is a discussion group rather than a grief support or counseling session.

This event will be held November 18th at 2pm at Longwood Center for Visual Arts (LCVA). Refreshments will be provided. Space is limited. Reserve your seat by emailing


Health and Physical Education

This week, we’re focusing on Longwood’s Health and Physical Education Master’s degree program. This program can be finished in one year (full-time) or two years (part-time). Courses are offered online, over the summer, and in the evening during the fall/spring semesters.

Students complete a five-credit internship in a school or community setting. Upon graduation, students are eligible for the Virginia Postgraduate Professional License. Graduates take many different career paths including teaching in K-12 schools, coaching, working with community health organizations, managing parks and recreation departments, and serving as health advocates.

Visit to find out more about requirements and how to apply!


Lancer Learning Community and Continuing Education

This spotlight is focusing on Longwood’s Graduate and Professional Studies Lancer Learning Community and the Continuing Education program.

Longwood offers continuing education courses for those who are full-time students and need prerequisites for their intended graduate program or those who are working and wish to take classes part time to enhance their professional knowledge. The program offers both credit and non-credit classes in a variety of formats including online, hybrid, and face-to-face.

Some classes offered for credit include the prerequisites for the speech-language pathology program, the driver education endorsement, professional development for educators, the educational leadership professional endorsement, and much more. For many professionals, the non-credit classes, such as Creative Problem Solving,  fulfill requirements for re-certification points, professional development credits, or continuing education units.

The Lancer Learning Community hones in on the talents of Prince Edward County residents, Longwood faculty, staff and students, and Farmville merchants to teach classes for anyone interested in the variety of topics offered. Some sessions include, financial planning, American Sign Language, painting with a local artist, essential oils, and going green! (All sessions are only $10)

There are also “adventures” that go beyond a single session, these include kayak trips, an indigenous species hike on Highbridge, how to pair food and beer at the Fishin’ Pig, and more! (Cost varies for each adventure).

To find out more and sign up for a session follow this link:


Virginia Children’s Book Festival SHLS Program

The Virginia Children’s Book Festival is once again coming to Farmville! This weekend, October 19th-21st, will host hundreds of children and 26 authors and illustrators. The aim of the festival is to get kids encouraged and excited to read, write, and illustrate their own stories.

Longwood’s Speech, Hearing, and Learning Services clinic (SHLS) will host a special program for the festival on Saturday, the 21st. This program is for children 8 years and older with special needs, including those with Autism and other sensory issues. This program will allow nonverbal children to participate, as well as, those with sensory issues that may be overwhelmed at the main festival on campus.

Communication Sciences and Disorders graduate students will be in attendance to assist the staff, parents, the kids, and be with clients they may see for speech and language services during the week at the SHLS clinic.

The whole weekend promises to be fun and inclusive for children across Virginia.


VSCA Conference

Last week, students from the school counseling track of the counselor education program attended the Virginia School Counselor Association Conference in Hampton, VA. Upon arrival on Wednesday night, there was a meet and greet where students met one of the keynote speakers at the conference. Thursday was full of breakout sessions with topics ranging from school counselor advocacy to working with LGBTQ+ students. After another meet and greet session Thursday night, Friday was filled with breakout sessions and a closing keynote speaker and luncheon. Students learned a lot about their field and are excited to finish school and graduate in May!


Special Education

This week’s Graduate Program Spotlight is on the Special Education program!

This program offers four different tracks for educators in various points in their career.

The first track is for students who earned a BS in Special Education and continued into the fifth year to earn their Master’s. These students will earn their teaching license at the end of the fifth year. The second track is for students who earned a BS in elementary or secondary education and have a teaching license. These students will be eligible for the Special Education teaching license at the end of their fifth year.

The third track is for students who earned a BS in another field, and do not have a teaching license. This is a two-year program. The fourth track is for current educators who wish to earn their Special Education General Curriculum professional endorsement. This is a one-year, program.

All four tracks prepare students to teach Special Education K – 12 and work with students with mild to moderate disabilities

Longwood’s Special Education program also offers student’s the ability to earn their Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Graduate Certificate. This program is open to students with degrees in Special Education, Speech-Language Pathology, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Psychology, and Social Work. The coursework covers daily life function, vocational training, family life, and academic learning of individuals with ASD.