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November 17, 2017

Ann Snyder Simmons Fellowship

The Ann Snyder Simmons fellowship was established by Ann Snyder Simmons (class of 1960) and her husband, Howell Simmons. The purpose of this fellowship is to recognize an outstanding graduate student who has complete his or her baccalaureate degree, has teaching experience, and intends to obtain the Master of Education in Reading, Literacy and Learning degree program at Longwood.

The 2017-2018 recipients of the Ann Snyder Simmons fellowship are:

Ms. Catherine Ciucci

Ms. Ciucci has consistently caught the attention of all her professors in the RLL program, who are continually impressed by her dedication to learning more as a teacher and literacy professional. There is no doubt Ms. Ciucci will be a gift to her students, families, colleagues, and the field of education.

Kate Hundley

Ms. Hundley has a passion for igniting a love of literacy in others and her professors believe she has the drive, knowledge, and determination to find the right book for every learner she has a chance to work with. She is a top performer in all of her classes and will continue to do great things for learners and colleagues she works with in the future.

Jen Elliott

Ms. Elliott’s secondary experience in literacy has inspired her to be one of the most passionate champions for literacy the RLL program has ever seen. Ms. Elliott is dedicated to providing literacy information and resources to all families. Her contributions to the field continue to make Longwood and RLL proud.

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