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March 26, 2017


Reading, Literacy and Learning Smashing Success at VSRA

We are thrilled to share the remarkable presence and participation of the Reading, Literacy and Learning (RLL) program at the Virginia State Reading Association Conference last week.

  • Dr. Snow and Dr. Blanchette both presented at the conference.  The relevance of their topics clearly hit the mark, because they had “don’t call the fire marshal” crowds at both sessions.  Between the two sessions, the professors were able to speak to over 130 Virginia educators and showcase Longwood University.
  • For the first time ever, RLL held an Alumni Event at the conference. It was a small start, and we are thrilled to now have a structure in place that can grow over future years.
  • We ran into past, current, and FUTURE students at every turn! I personally connected with a handful of RLL alumni, and it was a delight to have several of them either attend our sessions or at least stop by because they “had to say hi!” Five of our current full-time students and at least one of our current off-campus students were there, as well as one of the prospective students who will be joining RLL this summer.
  • This year was the 50th Anniversary of the VSRA Conference, which only fed the momentum the RLL program is building with connections to our state reading association. RLL program goals include fostering the RLL presence and participation at VSRA toward the end of establishing a habit of participation in valuable professional development as an investment in oneself as a citizen leader in the field of education. This habit and connection to Longwood will be supported by the opportunity for ongoing alumni connections at VSRA for years to come!
  • Thank you to Dean Chapman and Dr. Doyle for their support in funding faculty participation in conferences with Dean’s Grants.
  • Thank you to Dean Perry for her support in funding student participation with Student Travel Grants.
  • Thank you to Assistant Dean Kathy Charleston for providing Longwood “swag” items we were able to use for promotional give-aways at our Longwood gathering and conference sessions.
  • Thank you to our GA, Kenzie Melton, who is also a GSA member along with another RLL student, Georgia Skipper; both students supported the preparation for and events at VSRA.
  • Thank you to all our students, past, current, and future, who attended and are setting an example of excellence and leadership in the field.
Dr. Snow and Dr. Blanchette would also like to thank Provost Neff. The general support for Graduate and Professional Studies that Provost Neff and President Reveley have voiced and backed is critical and appreciated. The RLL program is poised to benefit from smart growth steps informed by the work of the Graduate Task Force, learning from related subcommittees, and continued vision of Dean Perry and Assistant Dean Charleston. The RLL success at VSRA this year was definitely one of those smart steps!
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  1. Jeannine Perry
    Mar 26 2017

    You are all amazing!! Thank you for representing Longwood so professionally and for your contributions to the field of literacy education!!

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