SHAV Conference 2016

0318160924Last week, I had the opportunity to attend the SHAV annual conference in Chantilly. While at the conference, I had a chance to help with an audiology review for attendees. This review was intended to help SLPs refresh their memory when it comes to what we, as a profession, can do in regards to hearing aids, hearing screenings, and results from an evaluation with an audiologist. My job was to review case histories with the attendees and help them understand how to interpret the results to a client. Though I did not have the most “exciting” task during the review (it’s hard to compete with fancy gadgets), I was excited to see that people were interested in learning more about what the results mean and that I was the one who was able to help explain everything to them.

Attending the conference was a very rewarding experience. In addition to helping during conference, I was able to attend many different sessions and learn more about our field. I learned more about how to effectively use an Augmentative and Alternative Communication (ACC) device in therapy and Autism Spectrum Disorders.  It was neat to see my cohort excited about what we were learning at the conference and sharing new ideas and knowledge with everyone. I look forward to attending this conference, and many others like it, to help me learn and grow as a professional.


2016 SHAV Conference, Reflection by Meredith Peck


I enjoyed my time at the 2016 Speech-Hearing-Language Association of Virginia in Chantilly, VA. I attended informational sessions in the areas of literacy, fluency, articulation, and dysphagia. It was wonderful to gain the latest research in our field from the experts. I will use this new information with future clients. In addition, I enjoyed speaking with so many professionals who are passionate about the field of speech-language pathology. It served as a great networking opportunity and reassurance of my journey while in graduate school. Lastly, I participated in the student research portion of the conference and was awarded second place. I appreciated the opportunity to speak about my personal experience in research and receive recognition. Ultimately, I was able to attend the conference in with the help of this travel grant. Thank you to the College of Graduate and Professional Studies.

SHAV Conference 2016

12899505_10209185370814887_2059620591_o (1)I had the pleasure of attending the Speech-Language-Hearing Association of Virginia’s annual conference a few weeks ago. This was my first time attending as a graduate student, and I was able to take away valuable information from the conference. I attended sessions about Autism, AAC devices, and audiology. These sessions were very informative and allowed me to gain valuable knowledge, which will be helpful in my future career. I was even able to help one of my professors during her presentation demonstrate my knowledge of tympanometry (see picture). I am so thankful for Longwood’s Professional and Graduate Studies for allowing me this opportunity for professional development.

Speech-Language-Hearing Association of Virginia Conference 2016

IMG_0953I took the wonderful opportunity to attend the 2016 Speech-Language-Hearing Association of Virginia (SHAV) conference held in Chantilly, Virginia.  While at the conference, I heard many valuable presentations discussing topics related to speech-language pathology.  There were several sessions offered at the same time so it was difficult to select sessions to attend.  Most of the sessions I attended focused on articulation therapy, therapy for individuals with autism, and literacy strategies for school-aged children.  I learned about resources that can be used in future therapy sessions.  During one session, I actually made one manipulative that I was able to take home.  I also visited several booths pertaining to employment opportunities as well as booths displaying various products that could be purchased and used during therapy.  This was my first time attending a SHAV conference and I hope to be able to attend each year in the future!

SHAV Conference 2016

SHAV 2016-Audiology Crew-2On March 16th-19th, I attended my first SHAV conference in Chantilly, VA. As a first year attendee, I didn’t know what to expect, and I was overwhelmed by the number of seminars available. One seminar that caught my attention was titled Stress Free Strategies for Building Better Readers. This two-hour session addressed implementing and designing intervention to support literacy and language development. The session included helpful resources for implementing therapy, including:  interactive demonstrations, booklists, activity sheets, lesson ideas, and practical strategies . At the end of the session we examined several of the visual supports that presenter Dr. Shari Robertson has created and modified. Dr. Robertson encouraged audience members to use her printed supports in therapy sessions. In addition to attending the seminars, I spent time walking around the exhibit hall.  This was a fun and resourceful conference.  I enjoyed learning new intervention strategies and spending time with Longwood peers and faculty


TEDxRVA 2016 | Artful

Through the Graduate Student Advisory Council (GSAC), I had the wonderful opportunity of attending TEDxRVA. The theme for this year was “artful.” All of the presentations looked at art from different perspectives to include more areas than how I typically viewed “art.” My favorite presentation was by Dr. Peter Pidcoe. He is a rehabilitative engineer and is an Associate Professor and Assistant Chair in the Department of Physical Therapy at VCU. He discussed creating the Self-Initiated Prone Progressive Crawler (SIPPC) to react to baby’s small movements to simulate crawling in children with motor disabilities. I want to go into a field that works with children with special needs, so I just loved hearing about the SIPPC and realizing how it is considered artful.

VSRA Experience

VSRA1-300x225I attended this years VSRA event held in Norfolk, Virginia. I presented with Emily Cornett as well as Alyssa Cardwell to represent Longwood University. My group and I presented on the topic of how to integrate arts into literacy instruction in a quick and efficient way! While presenting, we had around 40 or so people attend our session, that were very engaged and interactive. Thinking about presenting at such a large conference with such prestigious literacy idols, we were all very nervous to present our research.Our group presented in the form of a Prezi presentation, personalized website as well as engaging games to demonstrate our research. Our session was a success and everyone attending seemed to enjoyed the information that they were recieving! The VSRA conference gave e experience in presenting research to stand by the literacy practices being spoken about and gave me the confidence in my ability to teach literacy. Overall, the conference was a major success and I am glad I had to opportunity to attend!

Supporting Gender Diverse Youth

20160304_130842I attended the Supporting Diverse Gender Youth training at Lynchburg College. This training was sponsored by the Virginia Counseling Association. The facilitator was Dr. Laura Farmer, Assistant Professor at Virginia Tech and the President of the VA-ALGBTIC which is a sub group of the Virginia Counseling Association. Dr. Farmer teaches ethics courses at Virginia Tech so she made that the foundation of the training that she presented. The training featured faculty members, graduate students, community providers, and school counselors. The training allowed us to look at gender issues from a number of different elements. We first focused on laying the foundation. In laying the foundation Dr. Farmer made sure that we all had a base understanding of gender related terminology. We each were given a sheet and encouraged to get into groups to link definitions to various terms. With this activity even seasoned professionals had their struggles. It made me realize that no matter how long we spend in the profession there is always room to learn and better ourselves. Next we talked about the areas of competence that we would need as professionals in our work with gender diverse students. The final elements that helped to tie things together included a discussion of best practices, ethical considerations, and ways in which we can improve our school and work environments. This was the most beneficial element of the day as it allowed many folks in the room to share experiences specific to their work environment.

SHAV Conference 2016


CSDS first year graduate students at SHAV 2016

This past weekend I had the pleasure and opportunity to attend the Speech-Language-Hearing Association of Virginia’s (SHAV) annual conference from March 17th-19th. This was my first time attending the conference but I wish I had attended sooner. It was so powerful and inspiring to see over 600 professionals all interested in the same field and who are working to serve the individuals in their specific area of expertise in the most effective way. I loved the collaboration that took place during the sessions. Although there was a main speaker for each session, in most cases the presenters welcomed comments and tips from professionals in the audience. This created an interactive presentation and produced a feeling of collaboration that is so evident in the field of speech language pathology. There were many different sessions that covered a wide variety of topics during the weekend. I attended sessions that included information about creating better readers and developing the most effective vocabularies for students using augmentative and assistive communication devices to sessions about licensure and the clinical fellowship experience and even a session about NICU feeding and what information to use in an early intervention setting. The best thing about these sessions is that they were all extremely practical and contained information that I can use with my current clients or that I know that I will use with future clients. When the conference came to a close, I found myself thinking that I cannot wait to attend next year and for many years after that. I am so grateful for the opportunity to attend the SHAV Conference 2016

SHAV 2016

SHAV Poster Presentation This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend the Speech Hearing Association of Virginia (SHAV) annual conference. During the conference, I was able to attend numerous sessions ranging from alternative augmentative communication assessment to using famous works of art to facilitate literacy. At SHAV, I was also given the opportunity to present my research on the sound intensity levels among spectators at Longwood men’s basketball games. It was immensely rewarding to be able to share my research with my peers and other interested professionals in this fascinating field. My experience at SHAV also allowed me to meet and connect with many professionals and possible future employers. I am so grateful for this opportunity.


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