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2017 SHAV Conference, Reflection by Meredith Peck

SHAV2017reflectionI had the opportunity this past week to attend the 2017 Speech-Hearing-Language Society of Virginia (SHAV) Conference: “Every Day Leaders Lifelong Learners.” This is my third time attending the state conference for speech-language pathologists, and every year reminds me why I chose Longwood University. The professors encourage us to become active in the professional community and lead by example. They all attend and many present every year. I am confident when I enter the field that they will be there to support me at community events, such as the SHAV conference.


2017 AT Symposium, Reflection by Meredith Peck

ATSymposiumThanks to the CGPS travel grant, I had the pleasure of both attending and presenting during the poster session of the the second annual AT Symposium CollaborATe: A Transdisciplinary Approach to Assistive Technology through the Lifespan at VCU’s Children Hospital of Richmond. I learned about various costs, uses, and implementation of assistive technology as well as listened to consumers of that technology. I met many individuals from the field of speech-language pathology who I admire and who offered helpful advice for my professional future. Additionally, I presented research from a collaboration with my peers in which we compared the text-to-speech software of an Apple and a Samsung device. The project bolstered my understanding of the research process and gave me further presentation experience. I am grateful to have the had the opportunity.


2016 TED x RVA Artful Conference

TED X RVA 2016I had the opportunity to attend TED x RVA on Friday with four fellow graduate students here at Longwood University.  This year’s conference theme was “Artful.”  Speakers spoke for a maximum of 20 minutes each, all applying art to their interests and professional careers.  One of my favorite stories came from an audience member who placed a big table in her front yard of downtown Richmond and has added a sense of community to the neighborhood, as everyone gathers around the table regularly to socialize.  It was refreshing to see the importance of finding a sense of art in all aspects of life, and I loved how these talks applied to all of us in the audience, whether in graduate school or a career.  Furthermore, I loved seeing how these talks applied to individuals in a variety of graduate programs here at Longwood.  It is always fascinating to see the power of interdisciplinary collaboration.

2016 SHAV Conference, Reflection by Meredith Peck


I enjoyed my time at the 2016 Speech-Hearing-Language Association of Virginia in Chantilly, VA. I attended informational sessions in the areas of literacy, fluency, articulation, and dysphagia. It was wonderful to gain the latest research in our field from the experts. I will use this new information with future clients. In addition, I enjoyed speaking with so many professionals who are passionate about the field of speech-language pathology. It served as a great networking opportunity and reassurance of my journey while in graduate school. Lastly, I participated in the student research portion of the conference and was awarded second place. I appreciated the opportunity to speak about my personal experience in research and receive recognition. Ultimately, I was able to attend the conference in with the help of this travel grant. Thank you to the College of Graduate and Professional Studies.

2015 SHAV Conference, Reflection by Meredith Peck

2015SHAVI attended the 2015 Speech-Language-Hearing Association of Virginia Conference on Thursday, March 26, 2015. It was my first conference as a graduate student at Longwood University, and I was grateful for the opportunity to attend. I was lucky enough to learn about communication apps and devices currently available. I then listened to a presentation about the effective use of interpreters in the field. Next, I found out information about feeding therapy for children who are “in the gray,” those children that are on the line of qualifying for speech services. Finally, I attended a session that taught speech-language pathologists how to use structured teaching to build communication in students with autism. I really enjoyed meeting a number of speech-language pathology professionals, and I look forward to attending the 2016 SHAV conference.


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