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SHAV 2017

SHAVLast week I had the privilege of attending the Speech and Hearing Association of Virginia’s annual conference in Richmond, VA. During this conference, I had the opportunity to attend sessions with topics such as dementia, NICU feeding therapy, alcoholism and dysphagia, oral care, and more. It was educational and fascinating. I learned so many new things that will help me as I begin my career in this field. I am excited to implement techniques and methods I learned to use when treating individuals with language, speech, cognitive and swallowing disorders. In addition to attending sessions, I was able to meet other professionals in the field, ask them questions, and take advice for my future career. I am very grateful to Longwood for allowing me this opportunity, it was an unforgettable experience and I learned so much!



SHAV Conference 2016

shav2016This month I had the opportunity to attend and volunteer at the Speech Hearing Association of Virginia (SHAV) 2016 Conference. During this conference I was able to meet other professionals in the field, attend workshops and lectures on several topics such as hearing loss, literacy and vocabulary development, voice disorders and treatment, and pediatric feeding and swallowing disorders. I was also able to volunteer with one of my professors from Longwood, Dr. Aguilar. Dr. Aguilar is an Audiologist and presented a review of Audiology for the Speech Language Pathologist, during this presentation I worked with other students to demonstrate skills to professionals. At SHAV, I learned new information about a wide range of topics as well as practical and applicable strategies for treating my clients hear at the Longwood University Speech, Hearing, and Language Clinic. I am grateful for this opportunity and feel that it has better prepared me for a future career in this field.
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