TED X RVA 2016I had the opportunity to attend TED x RVA on Friday with four fellow graduate students here at Longwood University.  This year’s conference theme was “Artful.”  Speakers spoke for a maximum of 20 minutes each, all applying art to their interests and professional careers.  One of my favorite stories came from an audience member who placed a big table in her front yard of downtown Richmond and has added a sense of community to the neighborhood, as everyone gathers around the table regularly to socialize.  It was refreshing to see the importance of finding a sense of art in all aspects of life, and I loved how these talks applied to all of us in the audience, whether in graduate school or a career.  Furthermore, I loved seeing how these talks applied to individuals in a variety of graduate programs here at Longwood.  It is always fascinating to see the power of interdisciplinary collaboration.