4. Self-Expression


An educator may not see theatre as a way to teach self-expression since people play characters that are not anything resembling themselves but theater is truly one of the purest forms of self-expression. To portray the characters on stage you have to look within you. However, the basic definition of acting is “reacting realistically under fictional circumstances.” A person learns how to react to circumstances in theatre by using their own reactions, but it goes far beyond that. Every designer puts a piece of themselves of their style in to the show. If you love light be an electrician, do you enjoy fashion? Costumes are for you! The list is endless. Directors envision this show and make it come to fruition by working with the actors. Everyone involved with a show will bring a part of himself or herself into it, no matter the job they are doing. Theatre in school allows creative students the break in the day where they can be themselves. Many creative students can feel stifled in the traditional classroom setting. Having the time in the day here they can let their self-expression out and fill the void of creativity they feel will enhance there perforce in the traditional classroom. “Opportunities to participate in both improvisational and formal theatre offer students diverse opportunities for self-expression. These creative experiences must be provided so that high school students will develop the ability to communicate through the art form. Communication raises self-expression in theatre to the level of an art” [1]

Earlier I this paper it was pointed out that our students are under more stress in this day and age then ever before, giving students a platform and place to express themselves can truly reduce stress and in suit reduce mental health problems among adolescence. The benefits that self-expression has on students is endless but to just name a few; it leads to happier students, it gives them the opportunity to encourage and help other students to come out of their shells, it releases tension that students can build up due to stress, self discovery.[2] Finally what can be the most beneficial lesson given to students through the opportunity to express themselves is connecting with their peers in a personal way, something that is missing from their technology filled generation. At the end of an article on the benefits self-expression can give you this was written “You can use your talents to form a bond with others that share your interests. This is why you should not be afraid of expressing yourself regularly. It will not hurt to let your opinions be known or to let your talents manifest themselves in the future. All you had to do is be true to yourself whenever you express your thoughts and feelings and you will never go wrong. Doing this may also end up improving not only your mental health but your physical health as well.”[3] It cannot be denied that improved mental health is needed among out young people. They spend a majority of their time at school and in the schools after school programs, educators have a responsibility to give their students all that they can, and this includes time to be themselves and express all that they are.

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