Hello, my name is Vanessa Gentry, I am currently studying computer science at Longwood University and have been gaining experience in the IT field while I’ve been studying. I started my interest in computers at a young age but really got into the different fields in high school. I have worked towards gaining more knowledge about computers, software and hardware aspects.

I am qualified to troubleshoot software and hardware issues on computers, teach users about new software and help with maintaining computer security. As a Residential Technology Advisor (RTA) and computer enthusiast, I am often asked about computer upgrades and how to help a computer run smoothly. I inform users on different steps they can take to help their computers run efficiently, as well as be more user friendly. Also, working at an IT Help Desk has given me a better understanding of networking and security. I have been involved in the IT field for two years now and have gained more background for IT needs. I am capable of helping users understand software upgrades, operating  systems and security measures.

This e-Portfolio is to broadcast technical writing skills and to showcase my organization, editing, interviewing, analyzing and problem solving skills. My technical writing class helped me focus my skills in formal writing and providing useful information to others. By each paper we wrote, I learned more about honing my writing skills and providing textual information to individuals in need. The documents that we worked on in class were a Proposal, for proposing a user guide to help others, a User Guide, were we used step by step processes to explain how to do certain tasks, a Usability Report, that helped us fine tune our manuals by testing it in a user environment and a White Paper, that proposed a solution to a problem and how it affects people.

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