What’s It Like for Her?

Earlier this month I ran across a video that was both hilarious and true but also raised a couple of questions regarding men and how we perceive women’s dressing.  This article posted by the Huffington Post shows what happens when men wear leggings, also known as “yoga pants.” It is hilarious but also shows how as men, we have to do better.  The fact that a woman is wearing form fitting clothing doesn’t mean that we have the right to look at said woman with sexual intentions and if you choose to do so be prepared for any and everything that could follow.

One thought on “What’s It Like for Her?

  1. I think humor is the best way to educate people on an issue! When humor is used people are less likely to get defensive about a topic, or instantly become apprehensive, rather they are focusing on the hilarious actions and realizing the lesson later. When this occurs it can bring a person closer to the issue, almost as a light bulb going off. This video reminds me a lot of the video we watched in our Gender Communication Class about the girl allowing the guy to wear her hat after he has gained her trust. Although it is hilariously absurd when you are watching it, it brings a fresh perspective on an issue that is heavily overlooked.

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