3 thoughts on “Stay-at-Home-Dads

  1. I agree that this article is a great representation of men who stay home and take care of the children. The way they describe the different ways that parents are involved in their child lives. Mainly women are described as the caregivers of the family and are the ones depicted in ads as taking care of the children daily. This ad depicts a father taking care of his son and expressing that he is the care giver. http://www.mbird.com/2012/02/targeted-shopping-habits-and-preemptive-diaper-ads/

  2. Dr. Naomi,

    I find this article really interesting and I think it is a great example of gendered expectations. Because women are perceived as the primary caregiver, it seems “odd” to society when a father stays at home with the kids. I think it is great that more and more dads are staying home with the kids, and that it’s time for the “mom has to stay home with the kids” ideal to change.

  3. I know a stay at home dad and he is just as masculine as any other masculine man. It drives me crazy when people assume that a man might be feminine for doing a “woman’s job”. I totally respect his decision to be a stay at home dad, it works for them! I’m glad to see that more people are rejecting the stereotypical family and going for something that works for them!

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