Sorority Recruitment & Transgendered Students

Within the last few months, both Brown University and Missouri State have changed their Recruitment requirements to include transgendered students. At Brown University, all three sororities on campus, Kappa Delta, Alpha Chi Omega and Kappa Alpha Theta had to vote to change the rules. Those going through the process are not required to put their sex, only their birth name and the name in which they prefer to be called.

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  1. This is incredible. Steps like these may not be huge in the grand scheme of things, but it is definitely a piece to a giant puzzle. I hope more schools follow suit. I don’t see how it could make or break and sorority or fraternity. from my perspective, it should grow and enlighten individuals of the organization. Thanks for sharing this Brittany, I think I heard this mentioned in class but to see more detail and to see that it is actually true is amazing.

  2. Hi Brittany! I was really surprised and happy when you mentioned this in class. I think its really nice to see the changes that Universities are making to be more open-minded and include transexual and transgender students into organizations. I’m hoping over the next few years that Longwood will make similar changes. It makes me happy to see all the changes that society is becoming more welcoming to members of the LGBT+ community, and it’s pleasing to know that teachers like Dr. Jes Simmons are welcomed on Longwood’s campus.

  3. Hello Emily, great to see some change happening amongst universities for transgendered individuals. I would like to see the same change happen for organizations such as The Girl scouts of America and The Boy Scouts of America. One instance of change in the right direction is apparent with The Boy Scouts of America change of policy regarding gay members. Here is an article from CNN that further discusses the issue.

  4. Hi Brittany! I remember when you made this comment in class I was surprised, but proud at the same time that Greek life was making process to becoming an even more accepting community. When another student brought up the plans Longwood has to include a transgender hall in dorms, I realized that transexuals and transgenders are finally starting to be accepted for who they are instead of being pressured to fit in our culture’s perspective of gender. Dr. Jes Simmons mentioned several times during her visit that the transexual and transgender community is extremely fortunate that society is making progress to be more accepting and aware of these types of ‘genders’ because for her it was not that easy when she first decided she was a transexual. I believe that the Greek community including transgenders to go through formal recruitment is a large step in a more accepting society. This positive change of acceptance will more than likely spread to other Greek organizations, then hopefully beyond that!

  5. I thought this was a huge step for sororities and colleges as a whole to take in order to ensure all students feel accepted. While reading an article on the MSU sororities (linked below) I thought it was very cool that the chapter made the change without even knowing if any student that identifies as transgender was going to rush. I say that because I feel like often times people and organizations do not make changes until they are presented with a reason that forces them to. But this group of girls understood that they should be proactive and make their organization accepting to all regardless of what may happen during rush. More groups and organizations on college campuses need to follow their lead.

  6. I personally think that it is awesome that schools and greek organizations are beginning to include transgendered students in formal recruitment. It is just another step towards a more tolerant and accepting society in terms of allowing individuals to be who they are. I think that it is also really great because everyone needs a support system, and for many people, greek organizations are able to provide that. All individuals are no different from any other person in that they need to feel accepted by their peers and it is great that these organizations are starting to include transgendered students with everyone else instead of ostracizing them.

  7. I think it is very interesting that organizations of the Greek community are changing their rules to be more inclusive and diverse. It’s neat to see that people are becoming more and more open to the changes within our society. Gamma Rho Lambda is a National Sorority that addresses the idea of inclusion to all and a chapter is being colonized at Longwood University. Their mission statement states “Gamma Rho Lambda is an all-inclusive social sorority exemplifying the qualities of tolerance, diversity, unity, and trust, which provides a network of assistance in the areas of scholastic guidance, emotional support, and community service while ultimately developing the lifelong family bonds”. Check out their website
    I think it’s interesting that Greek chapters and National organizations are starting to address the ideas of diversity, but also that people can join this other Greek organization. It reminds me of how in class we’ve been discussing that we classify people differently due to their gender, but do these people want to be seen as different or want there to be no classification, just acceptance?

  8. When you first mentioned this news about trans people allowed in formal sorority recruitment in class last week, I was really shocked. I think the fact that Brown and Missouri State are allowing this, I think this is going to cause a ripple affect to other schools. I also believe this is going to give National Panhellenic Counsel a lot to think about as well as the individual sororities themselves. I am going to be really interested in seeing how fast this ripple affect starts, and how many greek organizations will start doing this as well. One other thought is if sororities start doing this, what about fraternities?

    • Personally I think that is amazing for people to be so open and accepting for these transgendered students. I’m honestly surprised that these schools are doing things. I couldn’t believe it, but I feel with the world changing like it is this was bound to happen. With those two universities doing this I feel that it will give other universities the idea to do this as well. We just all have to be open to everyone and accepting to everyone because they could do amazing things to sororities around the world. I just wonder when it will go around the world and if fraternities will do the same.

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