Sh*t Girls say about their Hair…or boys?

Does anyone remember the shoes guy? ‘Shoes…let’s get some shoes’, well apparently men acting as women through comedy is back on the social media top hit lists! I was browsing around on YouTube recently when I came across this new advertisement for Aussie hair products. It’s interesting because it’s a man who I believe is cross-dressing, acting as a women with our many various daily hair issues. I personally find the advertisement funny because I can relate to it, but I feel it would be a different story with men. Watch the video below!


Also, check out Daily Mail’s article on how the video stuck up millions of hits, but along with a lot of controversy. It’s funny to me how boys can be spot on with things they don’t even have to deal with everyday. I find it interesting that these kind of videos are becoming increasingly popular on all types of social media, how men act as women and women act as men.

2 thoughts on “Sh*t Girls say about their Hair…or boys?

  1. I completely agree! I found this advertisement to be very funny, but made me look at my life a little differently. The way that we obsess over silly things such as hair is absurd and is only feeding into the idea of stereo types. Women are generally self conscious of their image and I find it interesting that after making a big deal about not messing up her hair, the main “woman” saw that someone was sporty and active going against the stereotype or women and saw that her hair was still fine. This advertisement makes you laugh at the way women fall into the stereotype.

  2. I thought this ad was really funny as well. It reminded me of the term we learned in class “pathologizing,” when normal functions of the body are portrayed as something that needs to be fixed with a product. Look at that basket at the end of the ad! There were some products I have never even heard of. Our hair naturally gets frizzy when its humid out, so they have anti-frizz spray. They have hairspray to hold our curls in once we use a curling wand. There are so many products these days that do everything they can to deny the natural functions of our hair! Maybe one day the 80s will come back and it will be “cool” to let your hair go and be natural.

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