NC and Mississippi Laws

Whether it be through Facebook shares, news channels, Twitter, or whatever; many of us have heard about the LGBT laws recently put into play in North Carolina and Mississippi. In a nutshell, The New York Times reports: in North Carolina, a bill was put into place to override their nondiscrimination laws that were previously in place. It also bans transgender people from specific public restrooms. In Mississippi, a new law has been enacted that allows anyone with religious objections to deny services to gay couples.

Huge objections are being made by large corporations. BuzzFeed posted an ongoing list of the stars and businesses who are refusing to work in these states due to their laws:

  • Pearl Jam
  • Cirque du Soleil
  • Ringo Starr
  • PayPal
  • Bruce Springsteen
  • Etsy
  • Patagonia
  • And a ton more

Big corporations dropping out of whole states completely could potentially be hard on North Carolina and Mississippi’s economies, as well as consumers missing out on companies they enjoy… No PayPal?! Now what?!

5 thoughts on “NC and Mississippi Laws

  1. I found this to be a very interesting and equally relevant account on the extensiveness of this current issue. I have heard a lot of my peers discussing this exact topic on social media, however I never truly understood the broader implications that were initially associated with this topic. I personally find it ridiculous and repulsive that these states have decided to implement these new laws. However, at the same time it honestly does not surprise me at all, simply because the south as an entire region has always proved itself to be incompetent when it comes to human rights issues. Part of me is very honored to be alive in these times because through events such as the ones playing out in North Carolina and Mississippi, the general public becomes increasingly aware of the injustices that have long persisted in many areas of our alleged “free” country. In my opinion, this ties directly into the predominant theme expressed in 470 throughout the semester, where this course encourages us as both citizen leaders and academics, to apply the newfound insight derived from this course, into everyday society to become ultimate advocates for true equality. The good news is that our generation and the ones below us are all moving towards a collective direction of greater acceptance and appreciation for all walks of life.

  2. Hey, thank you for this post, I think this brings about some really great future implications… Right here we have people, companies, etc. standing up for what they believe and trust is right for all humans. When we have major corporations and groups, with further backings by lots of people, we can actually move towards change. I believe that the media’s emphasis of what is happening is really helping to broadcast that there is a large backing of people who will not stand for inequality and injustice. That is HUGE! Thanks again!

  3. Sarah,

    Thanks for posting about this – I had not heard much about it! My one thought that went through my mind while reading your post was, what happens if huge corporations begin to deny their businesses within these states? As you stated above, this could potentially have very serious consequences to these states’ economies, as well as their available goods to their citizens. This form of discrimination is very direct and strong, and I do believe that if these companies see fit, they should refuse their services if that is what they believe in. I can only imagine that the list provided by BuzzFeed will continue to grow.

  4. Sarah,

    Thanks for sharing this news! Some people believe that corporations and public figures boycotting their state is a bit extreme, however I find it appropriate. In the case of a company, many have strict policies against discrimination, so it is wise to pull out of a state that allows discrimination. I think this is a rational response to these states’ actions. Hopefully, this will show the states that have passed these laws that they have made huge steps backwards and should reconsider their actions.

  5. Sarah,

    Thank you for sharing this post! I think that it is great that public figures and companies are standing up against laws such as these that restrict individuals based on gender identity, sexual orientation, or any other quality that may be different from their own. I agree with the statement that Pearl Jam made (can be found at the BuzzFeed link) about the HB2 law allowing discrimination against an entire group of citizens. It is crazy to think that activists have fought so hard to be progressive and attempt to end discrimination, while legislations such as these are setting back this progress.

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