Mean Moms

I seriously love the movie Mean Girls.  It’s hilarious, campy, and has the perfect dash of realness to spice it up.  So when I heard that a Mean Girls spin off was going to begin shooting, I was over the moon excited.   The spin off is titled Mean Moms, and is going to star Jennifer Aniston as a house wife whose family moves to a competitive neighborhood.  Mean Girls featured a bunch of clique obsessed teenagers, and I have a feeling that Mean Moms is going to explore negative female relationships of middle aged women.

The premise of this movie reminded me of the common experience list for women that was discussed in the Chapter 7 online lecture.  I’m going to go ahead and make a guess that the movie will touch on appearance of women (especially moms), how women take care of others, how women treat each other negatively, and how all moms are expected to be superwoman.  I’m not exactly sure  how the movie would address a fluid meaning of femininity, but if Mean Moms is anything like Mean Girls, I’m sure it will exceed my expectations!


One thought on “Mean Moms

  1. I had no idea this movie was coming out! I am excited about it too! I love Mean Girls the movie and Jennifer Aniston as an actress. I, too, feel like it will explore the issues middle age women experience. Drama and obstacles occur at all ages, not just in teenagers or high schoolers. It will probably point out the issues, as you mentioned, of being superwoman/mom. Given, I don’t know what it is about but, I feel like Jennifer Aniston may try and juggle too much in this upcoming movie and the message sent may be to tell Moms it is okay for a break every now and then!

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