I was scrolling through Facebook and I always find myself getting sucked into watching all the videos posted on my newsfeed. I took a second to watch this video and couldn’t help but to think about Gender Media. The video makes a very good point, why is the phrase “like a girl” an insult?

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  1. I absolutely love this campaign! I think it is an amazing way to show how gender plays a role in our lives. At first glance this video is lighthearted and nice way to get this message across to a large audience. But on a deeper level we can see the impact of social cues and expectation for girls. Its sad that even little boys can learn gender norms at such a young age. This campaign is so empowering for the generation today and it reminds us to be mindful of what we say, do, and think. Let us teach little girls and boys to be whoever they want to be. Let us teach them that gender roles do not define us. Let us teach them that gender is fluid and malleable. Let us start the change.

  2. I am an assistant coach for the Heart of Virginia Soccer Club here in Farmville and we had our first practice tonight. The kids (the teams are coed) were about to begin a drill and one of the boys said something along the lines of “like a girl” and I was shocked because I actually realized the meaning of what he said. The boy was around the age of 9 and already was stereotyping girls. I usually don’t notice comments like that, but I’ve begin to notice them more and more since this class began.

  3. Aubrey,

    I had never seen this video until I just saw it here and I thank you for posting it. As someone who’s said “you throw like a girl” on numerous occasions, I never really considered what I was actually saying and how demeaning it truly is. This showed me how affected girls are by just three words, and I never realized that happened. It’s an opening video, and now I’ll be thinking twice before telling someone they do something “like a girl.”

  4. I was thinking about posting this video too! I remember watching it for the first time a couple of months ago when I was on YouTube, and actually my first reaction when I saw everybody acting “like a girl” was too laugh because it was very funny. But when I saw that little girls were asked to do things “like a girl” I was not expecting them to do things differently, and this made me feel that even I, who puts a lot of attention to the unfairness of how girls are sometimes treated as less than boys, also got caught in the “like a girl” thing as if it were something so normal to interpret. This video made me think about that, my reaction. And you make a good point, why is it an insult? And at what age does it become an insult?

  5. I watched this video as well when I saw it on my news feed on Facebook. I also ended up showing my mom because it was really strange to watch the younger girls “throwing like a girl” when boys would say she was throwing like a “guy” but in her mind she was just throwing like herself. It’s crazy to watch this video because young children have to teach us that there aren’t gender norms in sports. There is just us and how we throw.

  6. Aubrey,

    I remember watching this video a couple of months ago. It is really sad that the older females (and males) interpret doing anything “like a girl” as them being ‘weak’ or ‘unable to do it correctly.’ It really makes me wonder when doing things “like a girl” started to mean something weak and when females start to be mold this interpretation for themselves. This video really plays into gender roles, because even the males in this video saw a girl’s action as being weak.

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