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Recently I came across this video and it stuck a chord with me because of what we have been covering in class.  I was willing to sit through the 7 minute video because I believe that there was an incredibly personal story behind it.  Milla was born a girl, but from an extremely young age he identified as a male.  Growing up Milla liked to dress in boy clothes, underwear, played with boys toys and even liked Batman, Spiderman, Bob the Builder and Ninja Turtles.  Milla was diagnosed with gender dysphoria or the fact that Milla’s gender did not line up with the feelings inside.  Milla was born a female but his brain identifies as a male.  Though I do not know much about this, I could only imagine how hard it must have been for him.

In class we covered what transgender was, and it refers to individuals who feel that their biologically assigned sex does not match their true sexual identity — they are women, despite having male bodies, or men, despite having female bodies.  This video was a great example of how this can affect transpeople of all ages.  They do not have to be in their teens or late adulthood… Some may know as young as Milla.


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  1. Laura,
    Such a thought provoking video! It goes to show that you should never judge anyone because you know never know what’s going on behind closed doors! It’s sad to think that if Milla was born 40 years ago how her parents would have possibly acted. There’s definitely been a progression in this country when it comes to the ‘taboo of the sexes’.

  2. Laura,
    I also found this video very interesting. I personally have a cousin in the reverse situation, she was born a boy but identifies with being a girl, so this who video touched very close to home for me. As in Milla’s situation, my aunt and uncle were very supportive of my cousin and her conviction in that she was meant to be the girl she is in the process of becoming. My cousin currently faces much discrimination while she works on becoming the person she feels she was always meant to be. You never know what people are going through so it is always important to treat everyone with the utmost respect and the most kindness you can give.

  3. Laura,
    I agree with Taylor this post shows great meaning for progression. The fact the their parents could get past this and see whats best for their child, his happiness. I recently just wrote a paper on discrimination and how this can really negatively affect someone and this video shows how someone can break free from that ridicule. The fact that the parents kept notice to their child’s behavior shows great attention to detail and true love. “She was going to bed in tears every night” seeing this quote makes us reevaluate how we are treating others.

  4. I think this was a pretty powerful message that you posted. All my life I have thought to myself when kids claim themselves as a tomboy or tom-girl they just want to be the opposed sex and did not think more of it. Seeing this video though had me stopping and thinking about how kids could possibly become a transgender some how at such a young age. I think it was awesome how his parents still accepted him as their child and was okay with them having a son instead of a daughter. I agree that gender like we have talked about in class is just the identity that we call ourselves. With this clip is was great think to stop and think about others and how it even effects those that are at a young age.

  5. Laura, I found this video to be very interesting. While watching this video you really start to empathize with Milla and her family. I do not personally know anyone who has gone through a sex change nor have I known anyone who has wanted to, but this made me look at the topic in a whole new light. You can tell that his parents really wanted him to be happy and it really upset me when Milla talked about how he was being bullied at school and didn’t have any friends. What really made me happy is that he recognizes that his family loves him not matter what.
    At 5:45 the video states, “All we can do is equip our son with the skills necessary to cope with small-minded people.” I think this is a very smart thing to say, it’s simple and even cliche, but it’s true. The video ends by saying “Everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Remember to always be kind.” Everyone should take this to heart. Their situation may not be as delicate as Milla’s, but you never know how you can make someone’s day a little better.

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