Is Beyoncé the new face of (modern) feminism?

Beyoncé dropped her new audio-visual album without any notice to her fans in December 2013. The self-titled album sits at #6 on Bilboard’s Top 200 and #11 on iTunes. Beyoncé and her album have been under a lot of scrutiny from the media because of how sexual it is, even having Michelle Williams weighing in on it, despite how popular the album is with Queen B’s fans. In Bey’s video “***Flawless” she includes an excerpt from Nigerian feminist Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie TED talk as her as her second verse saying “…We teach girls that they cannot be sexual beings in the way that boys are.” Throughout Mrs. Carter’s self-titled album she portrays to women that being a sexual being is something we should embrace and not suppress because we are just that, women. To even further confirm Beyoncé’s somewhat feminist stance, here is an article about her interview with British Vogue last spring.

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  1. When I read this I immediately agreed with what Beyonce had to say about us as women. It reminded me of today’s lecture about how people use the word slut as a shaming word. As women, we should be able to act how we want (similar to men) without being looked down upon for being too provocative when men can act just as sexual as they please. As if, if we did act in the same way then we are setting ourselves up to be judged or even worse sexually harmed. We shouldn’t have to cover up or act in a “ladylike” fashion just because society wants us to.

  2. Feminism means women’s rights on a political, social and economic level, and that are equal to men. The question to this article is the Beyonce the face of feminist? My answer to that is yes and no. Yes, I do believe that she is feminist in her own way. Then no, I don’t believe she is the face of it. She said to WOW Entertainment, about the article, that she believes that “women she still be able to be clever, successful, and should be able to take care of their husbands…is still sexy and feminist.” What I like about that is that is her own definition of feminism, and that’s what she believes feminism means to her. As women I think we have our own definition of what feminism is and what feminism is not.

    Here is more about the article from WOW Entertainment about the article in British Vogue:

  3. All I want to say to this article is- YES! Beyonce is a face of feminism in our modern generation and I’m proud of it. I think that Beyonce is a role model to women because she embraces her curves, sexuality, ethnicity and so many other things that hold other people down. I first caught a glimpse of how powerful Beyonce is during her documentary “Beyonce: Life is But a Dream”. I learned that she has an all female band and believes in giving other women opportunities to succeed. That is rare; many women get in the habit of pushing others down to lift themselves up. It speaks volumes of her abilities and character. Beyonce is a business person, singer, actress, and mother. I think that my generation needs more examples of women like Beyonce to challenge the stereotypes of what roles women are allowed to play.

  4. I LOVE Beyonce. I was a Destiny’s Child fan from the start, and could not agree more that her new ideas of feminism are catching on- the ability to pull off a “secret” album (from a celebrity so large) still has people scratching their heads. As a woman, Beyonce shows her ability to be a competitor in the music industry, her self-titled album reaching the top charts everywhere. Many people question whether or not Beyonce has gained all her power and credibility from Jay Z, and oftentimes discredit her successes because she’s “riding on the coattails” of her husband. By embracing her sexuality and view of how women should present themselves in their physical appearance, Beyonce challenges the norms of “pretty white girl” and the “genetic lottery” Cameron Russell talked about in her TED talk, as well as in Chapter 6.

    For a fun Buzz Feed article about how Beyonce’s sexuality rocked this year’s Grammy’s:

    And for all the Beyonce Fans who still can’t get over her performance at the Super Bowl years ago:

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