“If she was a man, we wouldn’t be having this conversation”

One of my best friends came to me and said that she had to show me something. She played a song and I really did not think that much about it, it was pretty catchy, but I couldn’t figure out what was so great about it.

In the beginning of the video, it shows J Lo and her friends sitting down with a guy from a record company who is presenting her with ideas for her music video. After some really horrible propositions, her friend states that “if she was a guy, they wouldn’t be having this conversation” because they would have the video be set at a mansion or on a yacht with half naked girls. So, for this video, the decide to objectify the men which reverses the roles.

I love J Lo because she has always been a strong woman that owned her image as a real woman with real curves. I highly suggest watching the video because it uses humor to bring to light the issues of objectifying women by turning it on men. I almost feel like it is a gab at the music industry that supports these kinds of videos by saying how does it make you feel when your sex is portrayed in this way.

I must warn you, the video does have some bad language and sexuality.


6 thoughts on ““If she was a man, we wouldn’t be having this conversation”

  1. I love that you brought this music video up in a blog post because I was blown away when I saw it as well! I absolutely love the idea J Lo had for this video. She shows men exactly how they objectify women in music videos and (hopefully) the video shows men how it makes women feel when they are objectified and sexualized in every aspect of media. I think J Lo is one of many who are beginning a trend of strong, independent women in the music industry who aren’t taking anymore abuse from men. They are going to do whatever they can to make the objectification stop. I am so happy this is happening and can’t wait to see the future of this change happening and see how these women strive on their success.

  2. I have never seen this video or heard this song before. However, I think it is a great message! It reminds me of the Beyoncé song, “If I were a boy” which talks about the way she would behave if she were a boy. She mainly talks about how she would mistreat her girlfriend and not be a loving, caring, respectful person towards females. It also has a great video where Beyoncé is acting like the man in the relationship and the actual man she is with in the video is portraying a sensitive, heartbroken woman. I really like how J Lo decided to take the more comedic approach!

  3. This is incredible. I remember when this video came out and I never really thought about this aspect of it. I just focused on the song. I think things like this can be crucial in the conversation of making sure the objectification of women stops. This is a great example of changing things up and breaking stereotypical rituals. Sometimes I think people see videos that show naked women and don’t think anything of it, or think it’s hot. But when you think about the bigger picture–that it is treating women like objects, it is kind of eye opening.

  4. WOW! What a great example! I don’t think people realize how much media influences gender roles and how they are portrayed. We always see the men as the successful and rich ones and the women in the background dancing around. This music video definitely brings light to the topic and shows the roles reversed which is awesome! We need more women like this that are going to make a change to the way they are seen. J Lo is a very successful women and I wish more women would do things like this to show that women can be the successful one. I feel that more videos like this could influence women and help them to believe in themselves because of the way J Lo is portrayed. It shows that women can be the center of attention and the successful one. It doesn’t always have to be the men, sometimes they can be seen in the background like in this video.

  5. When I saw this music video on the blog, I had to comment because I am a huge fan on this song. If you are browsing music videos on YouTube, you should have no problem finding a video that objectifies women. However, it is rare to find a music video where the roles are reversed. I think it is great that people are starting to notice how over sexualized and objectified women are today.

  6. I think this is a perfect example topic to illustrate how women are starting to see their stereotypes of being caring, affectionate, and always there for their man to lean on, and typically that is not always the case, but society sees that through media that women are often portrayed as supportive of the husband, but not living her own or having strength from herself. Jennifer Lopez’s music video is a great example of defying that stereotype and deciding to flip the script. It all starts with popular culture that usually has strong female singers using the typical man’s music video to portray, or typical women’s music videos to be lying somewhere singing about their broken heart, when lately men have been doing that as well. Again, in order for society to notice their gendered stereotypes, popular culture and media outlets like television shows, music videos (like this one), and movies are beginning to shed light on these issues.

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