Gay or Boxed In

We all have heard that hit song “Same Love” by Macklemore. I was listening to it in the car today, I mean really listening to the lyrics. In the beginning he talks about how he thought he was gay because he could draw and kept his room clean. He associated those skills with being feminine. He was putting him self in the “box” that we have been talk about in class during chapter one. His mom had to tell him it was okay that he has feminine factors about him self and make him relies that does;t make you gay. Later threw the music and lyrics he talks about how we just call each other faggots when we do something stupid or girly and we don’t relies that it can hurt. “Call each other faggots behind the keys of a message board; A word rooted in hate, yet our genre still ignores it”. If you really listen to this video he really explains the gender box we put ourselves as children or even as adults because we feel trapped to do so by society or even our parents.

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  1. Jessica, I agree with you 100% this song perfectly describes the “man box” we discussed earlier in the year. I know the first couple of times I heard this song it would move me to tears because of the truth behind the lyrics, and the fact I used to think in that same exact way, “If I don’t play sports, then I’m going to turn gay.” Then I thought of my Uncle (a gay man) and what it must have been like for him to have to grow up with so many people being against him in such a way. Now, nearly 30 to 40 years since he was growing up we’re still dealing with the same type of prejudice and hate; it’s just dis-heartening. I believe this is part of the reason I’ve done all in my power to leave the “man box” more recently and become less of what people expect from me. This song truly is an eye opening message that I hope more people choose to listen to.

  2. Jessica,
    I’ve heard this song a bunch of times, but never actually listened to the lyrics before. I didn’t realize what he was saying when he said “I thought I was gay”. I find Macklemore’s point extremely interesting and that not many artists have touched on that subject before. It’s also interesting to me that he thought he was gay at such a young age just because of these little details. It’s sad how we put each other in these boxes.

    • Jessica,
      When I first heard the song I did not realize he was talking about himself. Once I heard what everything meant and how he was telling his story, I couldn’t be more proud that I am now living in a society where we can express ourselves. Sam Smith is another recent artist that has come out to the public and sings of his love life openly. It is a shame we restrict ourselves and our actions because of what is expected because of our gender. I am glad to see progress in our music and various art.

  3. The song Same Love by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis really made an impact on me the first time I really listened to the Lyrics as well. So many words of hate are thrown around and forcing people to stay in the box because of how much ridicule there is now that you can hide behind a keyboard. Feeling uncomfortable stepping outside of the gender box is a terrible feeling I know personally, as a little girl I cut my hair short and I remember someone stopping me before I went into the bathroom and saying “no wait! thats the girls room.” That is something I will never forget, purely because I had short hair another child thought I was a boy. We need to be more aware of ourselves and allow people to step out of the box freely.

  4. I personally fined it interesting that this song became a vine trend! I believe Macklemore was trying to get a point across to the public that the things we say and do can be hurtful to some people. The “popular” viners turned this song into a joke and I think If I was homosexual/transgender/inter-sexed etc. I would be seriously offended by the jokes people made. I would almost blame our culture in the US, individuals will make a joke or form an opinion and then everyone else bandwagons.

  5. I never knew the background behind the song “Same Love.” The fact that Macklemore questioned his own sexuality based on reasons as small as liking a clean room and having the ability to draw well proves how conditioned we are to think in a heteronormative manner. Heteronormativity is centered on the fact that if an individual behaves a way that deviates from his or her gender norms, he or she will be perceived as homosexual rather than heterosexual, which is considered to be the preferred sexual orientation.

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