Different Perspectives: Gender Neutral Bathrooms

As I was scrolling through my Facebook feed, I came across a story about a women’s angry letter to Target. I was automatically intrigued because, I mean, how can anyone be mad at Target?? The blogger wanted to let the internet know that she decided to cut up her credit card and boycott Target because of the new policy changes of Gender Neutral bathrooms. You can read the article here!

Right after I saw the letter, I saw a link from Mashable called:Bathroom phobias trans and non-binary people think you should actually have.

It was really interesting to see the different perspectives really back to back, and I really liked how I could look at this topic as a whole. I personally am pro gender neutral bathrooms and don’t think it is a big deal at all. It is something that has to change, we have so many other genders and expressions of identity, that it would be unfair to force them to choose a bathroom that makes them feel uncomfortable or even unsafe.

Take a look at both and let me know how you feel!!






4 thoughts on “Different Perspectives: Gender Neutral Bathrooms

  1. Hey Jessica,
    I have been seeing so many different articles containing so many different perspectives on this bathroom issue that is literally becoming a epidemic in the United States. I think what these issues come down to is education. I am a huge advocate on educating yourself on key issues facing your state, and national government and the people. I think by educating yourself and understanding the facts and issues that these bills are proposing and counter arguments that are being proposed. I personally believe that we would be able to get a better educated society to understand where we need to move forward. I also believe that this is impossible to educate everyone fully on topics such as gender neutral bathrooms. But I believe that by providing opportunities to understand what legislators mean by “gender neutral” is crucial. I think in the end people in America today need to learn to be comfortable with the uncomfortable.

  2. Hey Jessica!

    I have been seeing a bunch of articles and personal posts about gender neutral bathrooms these past few days on Facebook. We had a conversation in my Gender and Communications class today about the topic as well. I think gender neutral bathrooms are a good idea for safety reasons and for parents to be able to take their child into a bathroom with them. I think its ridiculous to not allow someone who identifies themselves as female but is biologically a male or vice versa to have to use a bathroom that they are uncomfortable using themselves. Transexual men and women have been killed for using their biological sex bathroom while being dresses as the opposite sex. The anxiety and stress that goes through a transgendered persons mind to pick a bathroom they are comfortable or safe in is terrible. The target article did make me angry because no matter what the policy is in Target or any other business for who can use the bathroom, if someone who is a rapist or someone who wants to hurt children, women, or men will dress up as a woman or man and walk into the bathroom no matter what the policy is.

  3. Hi Jessica,

    I think that it is interesting how many people can say that they accept all genders yet complain about the change of policy of a bathroom. In the article you linked to your entry, the woman writing about this change in policy was saying that she realized how everyone needs to be accepted and that everyone should find their own identity, then she would continue writing about statistics of rape and women and how unsafe it would be to have a gender neutral bathroom. I think it’s normal for some people to be shocked at this idea but we shouldn’t think the worst or believe that sharing a bathroom with transgendered, bi, or lesbian people should put their lives at risk.

  4. Well I don’t exactly have a problem with gender neutral bathrooms to be honest. I feel as though people are forcing the whole “idea” and “need” for one when it is just a bathroom. You do your business and you get our. I do understand that some people may feel uncomfortable using certain bathrooms given there gender status. However I will side with the mother and say that I do agree with her. You are group people together within a private area. Because she is a mother she has to worry about who is either coming in or out of that bathroom while she is in there. Also, the facts she has provided, allowed me to see that maybe on gender bathroom is enough but do not change all of the bathrooms to gender neutral bathrooms.

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